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Best circular saw 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated March 1, 2023

Brayden DiazHELLO! I’m Brayden Diaz. After more than 50 hours of research and testing, which included using 25 different circular saw in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best circular saw of 2018

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. In this article, I’ve listed down the Top 3 list. These are the best circular saw your money can buy.

Best circular saw of 2018

So this is not only going to give you an insight to the best circular saw of the 2018 but also those which are user friendly and easy to work with. Here are my top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect item for your needs.

Come with me. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
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4 points
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the circular saw by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Rotorazer Multi-purpose Circular Mini Saw with 3 Interchangeable Blades and Dust Extraction System – Red

Rotorazer Multi-purpose Circular Mini Saw with 3 Interchangeable Blades and Dust Extraction System - Red

LIGHT WEIGHT MINI-CIRCULAR SAW versatile, and easy-to-use perfect for any DIY home project
POWERFUL 400w MOTOR cuts through 1/2″ – 1″ thick material in a single pass
CUT ANY TYPE OF MATERIAL from PVC, drywall, carpet and hardwood to ceramic tile, plastic marble, metal & steel
Literally no flaws

Why did this circular saw win the first place?

I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.


Ease of use














№2 – WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw WX429L


Cut 2×4’s in a single pass with an easily maneuverable compact saw that weighs 50% less than a traditional 7-1/4″ circular saw
Good, but not great board quality.
It seems hot quickly.

Why did this circular saw come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture.


Ease of use














№3 – Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide and 3-Blade Kit with Carry Case

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide and 3-Blade Kit with Carry Case

Powerful, 4.0 amp, multi-functional, ultra-compact circular saw
Cuts wide variety of materials such as tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and more
Ergonomic design with slim grip handle improves comfort and enhances grip and control – guide with just one hand!
Extremely expensive.
May be a little heavy for some users.

Why did this circular saw take third place?

I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.


Ease of use














circular saw Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy circular saw, right? No!

Worm Drive

The motor is in line with the blade, delivering enough torque to carve up wet lumber or saw through concrete, which makes a worm drive ideal for framing or major renovation jobs. With the handle farther back, a user can better resist kickback and steer the 16-pound saw through long rips. As on most full-size worm-drive saws, the blade of this Skil HD7sits to the motor’s left — in easy view for right-handed users.


The motor sits alongside the blade, making for a lighter (1pounds or less) saw, which is more maneuverable over a long day than a worm drive. The helical gearing on higher-end sidewinders, such as this Milwaukee 6390-20, beefs up the torque, making these models worthy competition for worm drives.

Small Sidewinder

Weight, balance, and handle size are all key features to consider when choosing a saw that fits you. For a slight-bodied person, a small pro model like this 7.7-pound Makita 5740NB may be more appropriate than a full-size sidewinder.


Battery-driven models have increased in size as their power packs have gained voltage, making them convenient tools out in the field or when the electricity’s not on. This Bosch 1660K sports a ½-inch blade and a 24-volt battery — the largest in its class. However, cordless models still have limited run times and generate less torque than corded saws.

Ease of Adjustment

Large, smooth-cornered lever locks and full-round knobs that can be tightened down with the whole hand, like this one on the DeWalt 364, make it faster and easier to change the depth of cut and bevel settings than small, hard-to-grasp levers and wing nuts.

Shoe Styles “No matter what you do, you will drop your saw,” warns Tom Silva. Cast-metal shoes with raised reinforcing ribs on the top surface, as seen here on a Porter-Cable 347, won’t bend like flat aluminum shoes if the saw hits the ground. On the other hand, a cast metal shoe adds weight to a saw.

Setting Blade Depth

Set the blade so that its bottommost tooth is 1/to ¼ inch below the work piece. Always make sure the power source is unplugged before making any adjustments to the saw.

Support the material on a bench or two strong sawhorses, overhanging enough so that the cut piece will fall. Never prop up this off-cut, or the material will buckle and bind the blade, causing a dangerous kickback.


For an accurate cut, mark the side of the material that will become waste, then line up the blade to just leave the pencil line on the keep side. To make the cut, support the front of the saw shoe on the work piece, but keep the blade about an inch from the material. Then start the saw, letting it come up to full speed before pushing it steadily through the wood.

TIP: For 90-degree cross-cuts, use a speed square to guide the saw (below).


TIP: For narrow rips, keep the saw straight by holding the shoe with your free hand and bracing your forefinger on the wood’s edge. You can also use a pair of locking pliers (below) or a rip-fence accessory.

Plunge Cutting*

TIP: Make sure to start back far enough so that you only push the saw forward; never drag a spinning saw back.

Ripping Wider Lumber

If a board is too wide for the saw shoe to hang over the edge during a rip cut, hold a narrow scrap of wood between thumb and forefinger, bracing your finger along the edge of the board, and butt the saw shoe against the edge of the wood scrap as you push both along the board.

Gang Cutting

When cutting more than one piece of plywood to the same size, stack them on top of each other (or side by side in the case of dimensional lumber), clamp them together firmly, and cut the lot in one pass to save time and ensure consistency.

Tips on using a Circular Saw

Make sure your blade is sharp and not dull.  Dull blades tend to heat up more which causes more wear on your tools and more chances to bind.

Set the cutting depth no more than a 1/inch thickness of the wood to be cut.  This will help reduce the chances of kickbacks.

Clamp the wood you will be cutting.  This will ensure a more accurate cut.


Probably the most impressive aspect of its design is the way sawdust is removed. A frequent complaint among saw users is the amount of sawdust that piles up on the cutting line and blade, but with the DeWalt it’s not going to be an issue.

A spindle lock is included with the saw, and it’s a nice feature that ensures the spindle doesn’t end up all over the place, and its use of a hex key for removing the blade is convenient as well. Like the other circular saws reviewed here, the DeWalt has a carrying case, but there’s no rip fence included as it is sold separately. However there’s a ft. extension cord bundled in.


The DeWalt does not disappoint when it comes to cutting: with it you can make cuts at 29/3inches with an angle of 4degrees and down to 9/1inches at an angle of 90 degrees. As far as bevel capacity is concerned the DeWalt is right there at the top with a maximum capacity of 5degrees, more than enough for most. Like other circular saws there are two bevel stops at 4degrees and 22.degrees respectively, and in all likelihood they’re the only ones you’ll need to use.

As far as power is concerned the DeWalt still manages to deliver in spite of its light weight. At 1amp, this power tool maxes out at 5,200 RPM. While this isn’t the highest RPM we’ve come across, it’s still powerful and more than capable of cutting through hard materials. You also don’t have to worry about compatibility either as the DeWalt runs on 120-volt electricity and works with generators too.

The DeWALT DWE575SB is one of those circular saws that manage to combine power with versatility and a compact design. It’s not only the lightest circular saw in this guide, the DeWALT DWE575SB is also one of the most efficient.

Worm drive saw

As the name implies, these saws use worm gear to provide power to the blade from the motor so it is more efficient. Worm drive saws are capable of cutting through very hard materials, but this comes at the price of manoeuvrability as they’re harder to handle compared to sidewinder saws, especially with small cuts.

Cordless circular saw

The name is self explanatory, and while they are not as powerful as other saws, they do have the advantage of being portable and not needing a cord. However you cannot use these for heavy duty work as their capacity is limited.

Mini circular saw

These saws are most effective for wall panelling or putting the finishes on your work as you can do quick cuts with it. A mini circular saw is also capable of ripping through a number of different materials such as fence boards and low profile lumber.

Motor Power: 

The general rule with power tools is the higher the RPM the better, but it also depends on what type of work you’re planning to do. The average RPM of the saws reviewed here is around 5600 RPM, and that should be more than enough in most cases. As far as the amp is concerned you will see that most are at 1If you have the money to buy a powerful saw, by all means do it, but otherwise those in the 5,600 RPM range will be more than enough.

Safety Features : A lot of the focus has been on the power and performance, but you must not neglect the safety aspect of these power tools. All five saws reviewed here have safety features built in, but you must not rely on them alone as you need to don safety gear including ear covers, protective glasses and gloves. If you have been using these saws for a long time, you’re probably comfortable even if they have only a limited set of safety features, but it’s better to be sure so you should buy a circular saw with trigger locks, electric brakes and a blade guard that acts like a sheath when you’re not using the tool. A lot of these tools also have a feature that slows the blade down so it doesn’t move at 5600 RPM when you are finished cutting.

Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer

The seventh thing to consider is the placement and operation of the depth adjustment lever. Besides being just plain easier to reach, outboard levers let you keep your trigger hand on the handle, where it belongs, while you finesse the exact blade depth and lock it into place. Inboard levers, which are tucked between the handle and the blade guard, are more difficult to operate. Rubber-covered or thick, rounded levers are the nicest to grasp. The depth scale should be clearly marked and easy to read. Again, engraved or cast numbers are more permanent than stickers.

DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw with Electric Brake

This electric saw has a light design and balances well for cutting wood. It weighs only 8.pounds and has an electric brake that automatically stops the blade when you release the trigger. It provides a smooth reliable aluminum base for accurate cutting. This cutter has an inbuilt dust blower for a clear line of sight as you work. Work with a durable saw, with a higher resistance to cord pullout. It is light and portable and will cut with a higher precision and ease.

Black & Decker Driver Circular and Reciprocating Saw

When you purchase this combo kit, you get a circular saw, drill/driver, reciprocating saw and work light. With this tool, you will work comfortably even when darkness sets in. it is compact and lightweight making it easy to use in tight spaces. Its high torque motor provides a lot of power to cut through many feet in a short time. The kit comes with two 20V battery for when you are away from a power source. You will love working with this kit for various purposes at home and professional use.

Speed and Control

The motor rating of the saw is very important as it determines the speed and power. A higher raying typically means a better saw performance. When the blade cuts at a higher rpm, you will have better control compared to one that spins at a lower rpm. More power means more control. It also gives you the power to cut tougher material with ease. When the motor is powerful, you can run bigger blades on the saw and achieve better results for your project. Always pay attention to the blade speed when shopping for a corded circular saw.

Blade left or right

Every circular saw has a specific diameter it can take. Most commonly you will find saw with the size 7-1/inches for common uses. There is a wide variety of blade choices depending on your cutting requirements. So take your time and pick what will work for you. There are blades for every cutting job, not only wood but ceramic, plastic among other materials.

There are two common saw styles, worm-drive, and sidewinders. Worm-drive types are short and ling and their handles are located behind the blades to the right. This makes the blade visible to right-hand users these types tend to be heavier and feature more torque. Sidewinders, on the other hand, have the handle positioned higher over the blade. They are the most recognizable types. Their blades are traditionally located on the right side, unlike the worm-drive style. They are lighter and spin faster. If you want to do some work at home, this is the best type for you.

To determine the power of a circular saw, look at the amperes. The most common power today is 1amps. However, if you plan to use it infrequently, to 1amps is adequate. The price difference is not significant but you should know that the power determines the speed and control and overall performance of the saw.

Corded vs. Cordless

Using a cordless circular saw can be fun but they cost more than their cordless counterparts. You will always find an outlet to use wherever the work takes you so do not worry about getting a corded one. An extension cord can bridge the gap if you are too far from an outlet. Consider the length of the cord, cheaper saws come with shorter cords and may inconvenience you when working. Many professionals use cordless saws due to their durability and improved performance. The choice depends on your preference and the durability of the tool.


Most of the sidewinder saws look the same from a distance, except for their color. When you look at them up close, there are many differences from feel and look. You can visit the local tool supplier and test the different brand and models to test them for yourself. Ensure the handle fit properly and is comfortable and that the weight is adequate and balances well. Check the blade visibility and adjustment components to be sure they work the way you desire.

Worm-drive Saws

Also known as traditional or inline saws, sidewinder saws are popular on many construction sites and tend to the circular saw that is most prized by homeowners. On a sidewinder blade, the motor is perpendicular to the blade, therefore making it more of a lightweight design, and delivering enough power for most cutting tasks. Should you need a circular saw to medium-to-heavy-duty cutting, without the weight of a worm-drive saw, you may want to look for a sidewinder saw with helical gearing to supply extra torque.

Corded or Cordless

First of all, cordless circular saws provide easy portability, eliminating the need to carry around around big extension cords, or portable generators, an important factor, if you have to travel often between jobsites. Also, they are a lot lighther than the corded models, but may have a smaller blade diameter than the standard corded size of 7-1/4″, reducing the material thickness you can cut, and will have to be charged occasionally. On the other hand, the corded models generally provide more torque and offer unlimited run times.

Steel & Carbide-tipped

Steel: The steel blades are a more economical choice, but require frequent sharpening to last longer. The teeth can dull fast, so they are best suited for occasional use.

Carbide-tipped: With their extended lifespan compensating for their higher price tag, carbide-tipped blades are extremely durable. For metal and masonry applications, look for an abrasive wheel or diamond blade.


This saw in my opinion is great value for money and actually weighs less than the top compact saws at 2lbs. For the traditionalist, this is more of a tool of a seasoned woodworker. Still larger than compact saws, this cordless saw is probably a better option for most. More convenient as long as you have your batteries charged.

Safe Use of a Circular Saw

If you have never used one of these saws before, then please watch the video above. There is a knack to using these so as you do not want to cut yourself or damage the wood you are cutting.

Best Mini Circular Saw UK Reviews

If you want a saw that can quickly rip through or cross cut some wood, then a good general purpose circular saw is just the ticket. We have reviewed the best circular saws currently available in the UK market.

Circular Saws gain their popularity as they are inexpensive and versatile. These types of portable saw can be used for a wide range of tasks such as bevelling, plunge cuts, ripping and cross cutting all of which can be done with great ease. All you need to figure out is the task you wish to accomplish and I will help you determine which device suits your needs to accomplish it.

Below I have provided a buying guide that should help you out. I have also done some individual reviews on some of the most popular choices for people which I have included right below.

A Cheaper Alternative Circular Saw

It is similar in many ways to the Evolution model shown above. It is compact and light in weight and has a pretty distinctive look and feel to it. Like the model above it also uses a 1200 watt motor to power the cutting.

The people who tend to buy this one are people who want to cut up pallets, floor a loft, do decking and general purpose work. When we checked this one out it worked really well for almost all of the normal cutting jobs. It did take a bit of setting up, but not that long to get it done.

If Money Were No Object Circular Saw Choice

And if you are in the lucky position where money does not matter, then the only saw to pick would be the Dewalt 240 Volt 16Mm Compact Circular Saw.

This one is priced at £7and all the buyers have given this one a 5-star review. And yes it is that good. Like the other models it has a 1200 watt motor which is powerful.

It is very light and compact which is exactly what you want with one of these and it comes with a rip fence which is great. This one performs flawlessly and makes any wood cutting job a very simple task to accomplish.

Like all Dewalt products it is as tough as old boots and can withstand drops and just about anything you can throw at it.

Blade Sizes

Now something you do need to put a bit more thought into is the ability to adjust the depth and angel of the blade as this is one of the most important elements of any power saw. Most Circular saws I have ever come across either use a knob or levers to make adjustments.

I strongly recommend using levers as an alternative to saws with knobs as they are much quicker and easier to use. Using a circular saw with adequate adjustments for the blade to make sure the base edge will remain parallel with the blade so that it won’t veer off when guided with a straight edge.

Watch out for the amount it will allow you to adjust, and most saws offer between 45° and 90°. Blades are Vital when it comes to your saws performance, so I would urge you to make sure you are using the correct blade for your task and that your blade depth has been set up correctly for the particular cut.

Power and RPM

If you have opted for a cordless then Volts (V) is the measurement you should look for. With a corded version it is measure in Amperes (Amps). As a basic rule of thumb the bigger these are the more power. This is however a crude measure as it is more about the torque that gets delivered to the blade, that determines the actual cutting power.

An important thing is power, the rating of the motor should be high for example a 1500 watt motor is fast and powerful, and this results in a high RPM.

A more powerful motor in most cases will typically give you the option of running a bigger blade. So, pay particularly good attention when reviewing the speed that the blade will travel at.

When selecting the correct type of mini circular saw, you should consider a couple of important facts. One of the most important things to look for is the cutting ability. Get to know the amount of cutting depth the potential mini circular saw can perform at 00 (that is the maximum cut offered by the respective saw when beveling is not that case). Also, you should consider if the respective product can adjust the base plate (which is important when you make longer cuts).

Be sure that your saw has the correct type of the blade to cut the materials. Some compact circular saws are offered with several blade types to facilitate you to perform different tasks. Going for such product can be beneficial on the long run.

Next, you should know the RPM of the saw; the higher the RPM the more the efficiency of the machine. In fact, the compact circular saws with more speed, better control and higher RPM are capable of cutting tougher materials.

How to use a circular saw

Ensure that the work area is safe enough before start using compact circular saw. If you have long hair, loose clothing or any accessories worn, you should secure them before switching on the machine. It is better to wear essential protective wear such as eye and ear protection. You should make sure that all the parts are properly attached before switch it on. Place the piece of wood solidly (clamping is better).

You should start the blade before moving in to the material. Once the blade is on the material, you can push the blade carefully along the guideline (laser guides are easier). Usually, the compact circular saws come with user manuals. Some of the manufacturers provide instructional videos too. Depending on the brand of the mini circular saw you have selected, you can perform a YouTube search and find such videos to make things easier for you.

Testing Track Saws

Five years ago, when I tested track saws last, there were only three contenders, but the category has grown to six options now for the U.S. market. While these saws aren’t a cheap investment, I’ll argue they’re your best solution for sheet goods, and they’ll cut lumber and other materials, too, with the correct blade. So, it’s high time we take a closer look at the category again.

For testing, I connected these saws to a premium dust extractor and put them to work, slicing up 100 lineal feat of chip-prone melamine board, then cut across the grain of another 100 ft. of splintery birch veneer plywood. The test materials were resting on a fresh sheet of rigid foam insulation board. I wanted to compare cutting results, overall ease of operation, dust collection efficiency and general fit and finish. All these saws come with 48- or 60-tooth high quality carbide-tooth blades, so I tested them with their standard blade in place. Here’s how this “track meet” turned out.

Our “Track Star” Picks

This time out, Makita’s SP6000Jdeserves “Best Value” kudos. It cuts exceptionally well at a price far below some others. And for “Best Bet,” Festool wins by a nose over the more costly but equally proficient Mafell. The TS 5offers solid cutting performance and superior dust control in a user-friendly tool.

Cutting Tips

Circular saws are the workhorses of any construction job, from framing an addition to building a tree house. They glide through lumber in seconds and can be fitted with an assortment of blades that rip through everything from nail-embedded wood to concrete blocks and bricks.

The saws come in a variety of sizes, but the most popular contain a blade 7.inches in diameter. The blade on most models can be adjusted to cut on a bevel up to 4degrees, which is useful in cutting boards to frame the pitch of a roof. Larger jobs, such as cutting the timbers used for post-and-beam construction, require saws with blades of at least 1inches in diameter. Correspondingly, lighter saws with reduced blade circumference should be used for smaller projects such as cutting plywood or two-by-fours. Regardless of the size of the blade, circular saws come in two varieties.


Without a good blade, a circular saw is about as useful as a hand saw. Less expensive blades are made from steel, but stronger and more durable ones are cast from carbide. Regardless of the material, the key to proper use lies in choosing the right blade for the job and sending it to a tool shop for occasional sharpening.

Power Saws

A power saw can be a considerable purchase. That’s why the few minutes that you spend on reading power saw reviews is time well spent. Not only can you save money but you can also avoid headaches by purchasing only the right tool for your need. Here, I share my personal experiences and honest reviews about power saws to help you sense what it is like to work before you actually purchase one. My experiences and opinions act as a litmus test for first time users and for those who want to upgrade their power saws. Wish to help you identify the most significant factors that should influence your decision when buying the best power saws.

Best Reciprocating Saw: Experts Advice To Select Them

Blades – the first thing to look for is the blades of the circular saw, the best sharpen blade holds the capability of cutting the wood with efficiency. So the person should make sure that the blade of the tool should be appropriate for the work.

Machine power – the efficiency of the cutting power of the blade partially depends upon the running power of the machine, thus the person should make sure that the machine power should be enough that the blade runs appropriately.

Feature – there are various models in this tool, thus the person should make sure that the features of the one that they are buying should be sufficient to let the person do their work properly. Thus make a purchase after having proper study about the features.

Skil 5480-0Circular Saw Kit

This circular saw from Skil features two efficiently designed handles which determine more grip while working.  Furthermore, the dual point line of sight can impressively show you result in smoother edge and less sanding. As it is Corded, it shows its power at its finest and the wide shoe serves the cutting constancy with smoother bevel and miter cuts. It definitely deserves to be on the list as it can charm you with its superb performance and look. To clear out more doubts I have added the details so that you can decide easily about owning it.

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

The circular saw from Rockwell is compact and strong enough to make your work smooth and easy. Moreover, if you think its thinner and lighter diameter blade can melt your heart with its superb performance then this thing is definitely made for you. However, this circular saw comes with left-handed blade design and it performs neatly and superbly. Besides, despite its mini-sized blade feature, it stands out at its perfection for cutting the edges like a pro.

You would definitely want a thing for yourself which understands you’re the needs of your hands and acts accordingly. Then I would say this is an ideal option for you to think of. It is strong and durable enough to divide and rule the pieces wonderfully.

SKILSAW SPT67WMB-0Circular Saw

The circular saw from SKILSAW comes with a brake which gives a break to help you get ready for the next cut. And I think this feature is strong enough to mark it as one of the best saws. Therefore, it’s all-around features make it a perfect circular saw to buy. However, the corded circular saw also features rough magnesium housing which helps to keep the soul the of the motor cooler and give a long-lasting performance.

Moreover, it’s outstanding beveling capacity helps you to slice through every material unstoppably. And it definitely gives you a satisfying result. Hence, slice like a pro with this superb and versatile circular saw which not only works smoothly but easily as well.

SKIL 5280-0Circular Saw

This circular saw from SKIL has a beam laser guide which will give the best output with accurate cuts. So it definitely goes to the list to own it. Besides, its motor gives outstanding performance and the lightweight makes it super easy to use. Moreover, it has a dust blower which will keep the sawdust free from cutting lines.

However, the circular saw comes with a bevel adjustment (with positive stop at 4degrees) which defines its variety of cuts. Thus it contains every attractive feature that makes it an ideal saw, so what else do you want.

DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Saw

This guy from DEWALT comes with an electric brake which is the most attracting part of the tool. However, the circular tool is constructed in such a way that makes it very easy to use. you will not only find it very compact but lightweight as well. Besides, as it is compact, you can operate it smoothly and comfortably. Furthermore, the DEWALT will also give you a cute bag so that you can carry and move anywhere you want.

Moreover, it will also provide blade cradle for putting to blades for use. Hence, it is extremely well-made and long-lasting and it definitely deserves to be on top.

SKIL 5180-0Circular Saw

This circular so from SKIL can impress you with its new and impressive design. So if you are looking for one which can attract you with its look, then this is your thing. Furthermore, its weight is reduced to 1percent to relieve you from all the bother. Besides, the power of the electric motor has been booted up so that you can slash any material faster. Additionally, it also features laser beam which increases visibility for accurate cuts. However, this thing comes with a safety feature so that you don’t face any risk. Hence, this circular saw is made for all the pros and semi-pros because it is designed that way.

DEWALT DWE57Circular Saw

Like other models, DEWALT has always given the best circular saws to experience. This model is no different. It is sturdy enough to break any material smoothly and pleasurably. Besides, its output will show you how accurately it cuts the material and how perfectly the fraction comes out. However, DEWALT has never compromised with its power and speed, and I can assure you that they have made the most efficient motor to impress you. Moreover, talking about its cutting capacity, it is just like a child’s play. You can even make angular cuts very smoothly and you won’t face any hassle.  Additionally, the saw comes with dust blower that blows all the dust and your worries away. And as for its blade quality, it works like cutting a butter.

Band Saw vs. Circular Saw

While similar, band saws and circular saws are completely different in function and design. Band saws are less mobile and tend to stay in one area. Circular saws are more compact and can be carried in one hand. Despite their differences, each tool is a great asset to your workshop if utilized correctly.

Corded saws are powered by an electric connection. Mainly, you should consider buying a circular saw if you need a powerful handheld power tool to aid your working purposes that offers mobility.

Electric Brakes

Amps are measured in corded saws while power is measured on cordless saws. Having a high quantity of amps and power increases the cutting efficiency of the blade. When buying your first circular saw, make sure it has an adequate amount of amps for the task at hand.

Shaft Locks and Spindles

Spindles and shaft locks make it easier to change blades. The shaft lock stops and immobilizes the blade and shaft, allowing you to remove and install a new blade securely.

Some of these circular saws known as the best skil saws, and some on this list are very similiar to the greatest worm drive circular saws.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the circular saw by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your circular saw wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of circular saw



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about circular saw is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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