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Best gas cans 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated March 1, 2023

Brayden DiazHELLO! I’m Brayden Diaz. After 31 hours of research including speaking with consultants and experts, and plenty of parents and 11 hours spent testing 10 gas cans, I believe that I found the best gas cans of 2018.

I’ll brush up on how to choose the best gas cans and examine things like materials, quality, and weight. I hope that my Top 3 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.

Let’s get to it!

Best gas cans of 2018

Here, I will review 3 of the best gas cans of 2018, and we will also discuss the things to consider when looking to purchase one. I hope you will make an informed decision after going through each of them. I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency).

The best gas cans will make your fairytale dreams come true! You can make a choice based on the my list as you shop.

Test Results and Ratings

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Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the gas cans by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – 30 Gallon Gas Caddy Storage Tank Drum Barrel Gasoline Fluid Diesel Carrier Pump

30 Gallon Gas Caddy Storage Tank Drum Barrel Gasoline Fluid Diesel Carrier Pump

2 Way Heavy Duty Rotary Pump
Non Conductive Aluminum Feet For Proper Grounding & Spark Resistance
8ft Suction/Discharge Hose With Anti Static Ground
Not found yet.

Why did this gas cans win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.
















№2 – Spout for Scepter Military fuel/Jerry Can 3/4″ for automobile tanks

Spout for Scepter Military fuel/Jerry Can 3/4

Made and assembled in the U.S.A.
Reliable! I really like this!
Can require care/upkeep.
It rusts quite easily.

Why did this gas cans come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price.
















№3 – Liquid Transfer/Siphon Hand Pump – Manual Plastic Sucker Pump With Two – 50 x ½ Inch Hoses – For Gas

Liquid Transfer/Siphon Hand Pump - Manual Plastic Sucker Pump With Two - 50 x ½ Inch Hoses - For Gas

✅ USE IN EMERGENCIES – When you’re stuck with an empty tank Siphon Pump enables you to quickly and easily pump the gas from the carry on container to the gas tank. That will comfortably take you to the nearest gas station where you can refuel once again. Pump is The most important and practical accessory to always have in your car. Ideal for fueling any small engine & Emergency Gas Transfer
Quit bulky.
Not the most affordable on the market.

Why did this gas cans take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers.
















gas cans Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy gas cans, right? No!

No-Spill 2.Gallon

For lawn mowers, generators, power tools, and other portable equipment, we recommend the No-Spill 2.Gallon. When you’re filling anything with a small tank, spills are much more likely. But this can features a small spout that can fit comfortably in compact filling inlets, and pours a little more slowly.

Also check out the wide vertical window along the front (and the back) to instantly see how much fuel is in the container.

How to Store Fuel

Planning to store it for a longer time? There are a few important things you need to consider.

The very first thing you do should be to check your municipal and state regulations regarding fuel storage. Gasoline and diesel are both highly flammable, and many jurisdictions have rules about the quantity and manner you store them. Fuel should be kept in a safe space, away from any open flame. You should store sawdust or absorbent towel nearby, so you can clean up any spills immediately.

The lowdown on charcoal barbecues

Charcoal provides a classic barbecue experience. Fans swear by the experience of lighting the coals and stoking the fire, not to mention the unique flavour and atmosphere created by glowing embers.

They’re cheaper to run than gas barbecues and they have an advantage in terms of portability. Small, inexpensive models are great for casual cooks or beginners, but large models are also available for the passionate barbecue chef.

Shop for charcoal barbecues now

Charcoal aficionados swear by the unique smoky flavour charcoal creates. And because of the way the food is seared, the juices get held in for succulent results.

Charcoal barbecues are a more portable option for camping or simply moving around your garden. Models vary significantly in shape and size, from small tabletop and bucket barbecues to large barrel designs.

You’ll need to light the barbecue roughly 40 minutes before you start cooking for the charcoal to turn white hot and reach their optimum temperature. Although this takes longer, for many it’s an essential part of the experience.

There are two charcoal types – lumpwood and briquettes. Lumpwood gets hot quicker and burns at a higher temperature. It also creates less ash to clean up. Briquettes burn for longer, so are better for extended barbecue sessions.

The lowdown on gas barbecues

Where gas barbecues have the edge is in convenience and flexibility. There’s no waiting – they’re ready to cook in moments. And you can control the heat, giving you more choice of how and what to cook.

Many models have multiple burners, so you can cook at different heats simultaneously. A choice of attachments also adds to the convenience, including warming racks, griddles and side burners.

Fans argue there’s no difference in taste between gas and charcoal cooked food, and several blind taste-tests back this up.

The greater control definitely has benefits, as it allows you to adjust the temperature to suit each different food or recipe, allowing you to perfect your cooking results.

Gas barbecues are larger and heavier, so they’re less portable, but the bigger sizes do allow them to cater for larger numbers.

Gas barbecues heat up in moments, so there’s little waiting. Many models have several burners, so you can cook foods at different temperatures to get the right results.

Gas is more expensive to buy. Most models use either propane or butane. When you buy fuel for the first time, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit for the bottle. When you run out, you can return it and get it replaced with a full bottle, but only pay for the gas.

How long this lasts depends on your barbecue. On average a 13kg bottle will last for 1cooking hours. Your deposit will be returned when you decide to return the bottle for good.


Once cold, the grill rack will need scrubbing with a wire brush to remove burnt on fat, before washing in the sink.

You should try to remove the ash as soon as possible after cooking, as it quickly becomes damp and much harder to remove. The rest of the barbecue will require cleaning with an oven cleaner periodically to get rid of burnt-on deposits.

The rack, lid, drip trays and burners should all be cleaned after use. If you turn on the burners, you can burn away residues – turn off once all the smoke has cleared.

The burners should be removed periodically for a detailed clean. Oven cleaner should never be used on a gas barbecue because it could damage surfaces.

Starter chimney

A starter chimney helps to heat charcoal faster, so you can start cooking much quicker. You add charcoal to the chimney and light a little paper at the base. The flames travel up the chimney super-heating the charcoal. When ready, simply empty into your barbecue.

Watch this

Here’s everything you need to know about buying an oven…

What type of home cook are you? Do you take your cues from Top Chef challenges, or are you a frozen pizza type of cook? Do you love baking pastries, or do you stick with the stovetop? Be realistic about the features you need and will use in an oven or range to keep yourself from wasting money on upgrades you’ll never use.

What type of appliance does your kitchen accommodate? Do you have a built-in wall oven and separate cooktop, or do you only have space for a range? Stick with a product that will fit into your current setup, unless you’re ready for a big renovation to accompany your new appliance purchase.

What type of power hookup do you have? Check to see if you have a gas line or just an electric outlet.


Smoothtop (glass-ceramic cooktop): These cooktops are made of smooth glass-ceramic with heating units under the surface. A built-in sensor lets you know when a burner is still hot. This is important with smooth electric cooking surfaces because the burner doesn’t always turn red if the heat is low. Keep in mind that this type of cooktop is prone to scratches, and not all cookware is safe to use on the surface (the appliance’s manual will let you know what’s safe to use).

Electric coil: These burners convert the electricity that runs into the coil into heat. These cooktops contain thermostat sensors that notify you when a burner is on, but not necessarily whether it is still hot. Electric coil stoves are notorious for uneven cooking because of uneven distribution of the coil. In short, it is hard to keep the coil perfectly level, which can make all of the food in the pan slide to one side. In addition, electric coil stoves are slow to heat and slow to cool. But ranges with this type of cooktop are cheaper than comparable models.

Dual fuel

Some ranges use two types of power: gas for the cooktop, and electric in the oven. These dual fuel ranges are a good compromise for folks who want the direct heat of a gas burner but the even cooking of an electric oven. However, these hybrids cost more than traditional one-power-source ranges.


These ranges don’t have a back panel and are meant to fit in flush with the surrounding countertops. countertops. Slide-in ranges are often more expensive than freestanding models because of the mechanics that go into putting all the controls up front.


Drop-in ranges are similar to slide-in models — they sit flush with the surrounding countertops and all the controls are located at the front of the unit. But this type of range looks like you dropped it between two cabinets because of a strip of cabinetry you place beneath the appliance.

Convection fans

Convection fans are built into the back of oven walls. They circulate the heat in the oven so hot air is more evenly dispersed, which means your food will bake more evenly. You’d want convection fans if you’re baking food like cookies on more than one oven rack at the same time. Midpriced ovens will have at least one convection fan. Some ovens have what’s called “true” or “European” convection, which means there’s a heating element that surrounds the fan that warms the air as the fan blows. Read more about the science of convection here.

Temperature probes

Temperature probes plug into the wall of your oven, and you use them to monitor the internal temperature of meat as it cooks. The temperature displays on the control panel of your oven, so you don’t have to open the door to see if your dish is done.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gas Grill

Before I get started with our top pick reviews, I’d like to share with you some vital information when considering the purchase of a grill.

To begin, don’t purchase the first gas grill that catches your eye! It is easy to be swayed towards one due to appearance, cost or perhaps features. However, looking around and comparing products using these factors will help you come to a wise decision.

Quality – A high-quality gas grill should last you several years. The better ones on the market are usually made from stainless steel, cast aluminum or brass. These materials are corrosion-resistant and built from heavy gauge materials to last consumers a long time. If you notice that your grill is poorly made, don’t bother purchasing it as it will let you down within a couple of years.

Lid – This may seem like common sense, however, many grills (including expensive ones) may not come with a lid. This limits the type of cooking you do drastically as you’ll want a lid to keep foods warm and achieve better results.

Fuel Types – If you haven’t considered how you plan on fueling your gas grill, now is the time to do so. You have two options: propane or natural gas. The main difference between the two is that propane gas grills can be moved around since they only require a portable refillable tank. On the other hand, natural gas gives you the option of connecting your grill to your homes natural gas plumbing. The advantage here is that you’ll never need to refill a gas tank, however, your gas grill will most likely become stationary.

Warranty – Higher quality grills will normally come with longer warranties. Ironically, when purchasing a high-value gas grill, you will never need to use the warranty because the product itself is well refined and reliable. It is however, always nice to know that the manufacturer stands behind their product and is willing to cover any malfunctions you may encounter.

If you find a reputable gas grill with these traits, you are off to a great start! Of course, there are many other factors to consider before making a large investment such as this one. The ideal gas grill for you depends on your intended use, taste and budget.

Weber Spirit E-3Liquid

This selection also boasts an innovative Flavorizer system, which adds flavor to your meal, as well as a grease management system that takes care of excessive grease.

This selection shows that you do not have to spend a fortune to obtain a good quality gas grill. Other benefits include six tool hooks, a thermometer and an enclosed cart with casters. This grill includes a fuel gauge to let you know exactly where you stand on fuel at any given time. A feature that may be considered a disadvantage is the need of a 20-pound LP tank to operate which is not included with this purchase.


The Simpson brand of pressure washer dominates the residential gas pressure washer market. Simply put: they make affordable, powerful and reliable units. In 200they reached a deal with The Black & Decker Corp (owners of the DeWalt trademark) to manufacture and sell their washers under the DeWalt name. Yes, this does mean that DeWalt and Simpson washers are exactly the same. In fact, they are made on the exact same assembly line in Decatur, Arkansas.


Generac has a long history in the residential power equipment market. They were the first to bring small size generators for home use to the market. Today they offer power washers as well.

A unique aspect of Generac washers is they make all their own engines. Simpson et al. use Honda, Kohler or Subaru engines. This gives Generac unique control of the design of their units. They like to brag about their engines being purpose-built for customer needs.

First, it had three comfortable rounded stamped handles.  This allowed the cans to be passed down the line from one soldier to the next to the next in bucket-brigade fashion, as one soldier would use the far-sided handle to hand over the exposed free handle on the other far side, rapidly and easily exchanging hands down the line.

As part of the stamping process, they added in ridges or indentations, which increased the structural rigidity of the cans and allowed for expansion and contraction of the liquids during fluctuations in temperature. Genius.

The Jerrycan was such a superior product that Allied Forces eventually recognised the incredible design and then reverse engineered the canister for their own use, successfully producing countless units to aid in their wartime efforts. Though WWII has long since passed, the Jerrycan is still used (and even produced by the tens of thousands) today by organisations like the United Nations and NATO.


Homefire has been the UK’s premium smokeless fuel for a good number of years. In our opinion it is the best fuel available on the market today. It is also a versatile fuel in that can be used on Multi-Fuel stoves and on Open Fires. Homefire emits 80% less smoke, 25% less COand burns for up to 40% longer than traditional house coal. It is the most expensive of the fuels that we have available, but you do get a greater heat output and burn time when compared to the other fuels.

Homefire Ovals

Homefire Ovals are a high quality smokeless fuel. It is suitable for both Multi-Fuel stoves and Open Fires. Like its bigger brother Homefire, the Ovals emit 80% less smoke and 25% less COthan house coal. Whilst not quite matching Homefire or Homefire Ecoal50, Homefire Ovals are still a great alternative.

Multi-Fuel Ovoids

Multi-Fuel Ovoids are our big seller, but they can only be used in non-smokeless areas. They are produced in the same way as our other Stove Fuels in that they are heat cured. This gives them a much harder finish and makes them much less likely to degrade. The heat output is on a par with the Homefire Ovals, however, because they are not smokeless and not HETAS approved they are much cheaper. Unlike other economy ovoids on the market, the sulphur content of our Multi-Fuel Ovoids is much less, meaning they are not as harmful to your appliance, flue and the environment.


Multiheat is our economy smokeless and HETAS approved fuel. If you want to use an approved fuel, but your budget can’t stretch to the Homefire products then Multiheat is the product for you. Like the other fuels it can be used on both Multi Fuel stoves and open fires. It will produce more ash than the other fuels and the heat output is also reduced in comparison.


Phurnacite has been in existence for decades. Initially produced for use on Aga, Rayburns and other cookers, Phurnacite can be used on Multi-Fuel stoves. The Phurnacite is a much smaller ovoid than all of the other stove fuels that we sell. In our opinion this makes it less suitable for stoves as it can burn too quickly. It does benefit from being Smokeless and HETAS Approved. This fuel would be our recommendation for closed appliances, such as Rayburns and cookers.

Anthracite Stovenuts

Anthracite is a naturally occurring smokeless fuel. All the Anthracite that we sell is from Wales. It has a long burn time, but it is not as easy to light as the manufactured fuels. Although it can be used on Multi-Fuel stoves it is not really suitable for use on open fires. It is more suited for use on Aga, Rayburns and other cookers.

Lawn mower Housing lawn mower housing

Aluminum housing is the best, but they are expensive. Mostly aluminum housing manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee. Aluminum housings are durable, resistant to corrosion and they weigh less than steel housings. But yes, they are expensive.

Electric engine

The best thing about electric engines is that you can work with them in any angle. It means that you can even mow vertically.

Gas(petrol) engine the angle limit for regular mowing must not exceed 30 degrees otherwise you will damage your engine.

Grass collector

Fabric collector is very light, but grass is not pressed there, so you will need to clean it more times than plastic container. There are also fabric collector with a plastic top and can be up to 90 liters. It means that you can mow grass for a longer time without cleaning.

Reel push lawn mower

Aging baby boomers have fond memories of our fathers mowing the yard pushing a reel mower. The reel mowers of yesteryear were heavy and hard to manage, hung up a lot, and were always needing sharpening. At the first opportunity, they were replaced with a power mower, leaving the old reel mowers to rust in the garage or garden shed.

Using a Reel Lawnmower

Using a reel mower is easy. Without a motor to turn on or fuel to re-load, it is as simple as pushing the machine over the lawn. It does require energy to push, but not much more than a regular gas mower. Push models are about one-quarter to one-third the weight of gas lawnmowers. Although much lighter, they require more physical effort, especially at the beginning. Push reel lawnmowers are ideal for small lawns. Do not try to mow over wet grass, and do not let the grass grow too high, or mowing will be extremely difficult.

How is the yard affected by the use of an eco-friendly mower? With scissor-like blades, push mowers are gentle on the blades, creating clean cuts. As they do not harm a lawn in any way, grass becomes a rich texture, and healthy green color. Also, clippings are recycled back into the lawn, providing valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen.

Although a push lawnmower will require more physical work, the environmental and health benefits are well worth the labor. Cutting grass becomes a form of exercise; strengthen muscles, burn calories, and enjoy the clean, fresh air.

Reel push lawn mowers are divided into two big groups

Not suitable for old, overgrown grass and grass full with weeds.

Imagine having freshly cut grass, and clean air. Gas mowers have a huge impact on the environment, polluting the air and the earth. According to EPA statistics, they are responsible for as much as five percent of air pollution in the United States. Switching to a push lawnmower, also known as a reel mower, can not only reduce the negative environmental impact, but eliminate it. Try using a hand push mower for an eco-friendly lawn.

Air Pollution from Gas Mower Emissions

Before 1995, lawnmower emissions were not regulated. As a result, manufacturers designed mowers based on ease of use and durability, with no concern for the environment. Those strong engines were wasting a significant portion of fuel to the air, contributing to smog. From twenty-five to thirty percent of gasoline put into a gas mower finds its way into the air. Also, the EPA estimates that seventeen million gallons of gasoline are spilled every year during lawn equipment fueling. This fuel pollutes the earth, groundwater, and the air, through evaporation.

An Eco-Friendly Lawn with Push Lawnmowers

A push lawnmower has absolutely no negative environmental impact. It is not fueled by gasoline, or even run by electricity. A push reel mower is powered by the human body. With initial force and the momentum of walking, the lawnmower blades cut grass with precision. There is no concern over gasoline or oil leaking into the ground or entering the air.

Because of the environmental benefits of switching to push lawnmowers, or even electric models, some states have offered tax benefits for trade-ins of gas mowers. The Sacramento Air Quality Management District has estimated a reduction of 132.tons of mower emissions since the inception of their trade-in program in 199In Portland, Oregon, 48mowers were turned in in 1997; with carbon monoxide reductions of 31.tons.

Electric lawn mowers

When the need to replace an old mower becomes unavoidable, there are many options to consider. There are new gas models, of course. Even old-style manual push mowers are purchased and used my some, especially those with smaller yards.

Electric lawn mowers, however, have become an increasingly popular alternative for people concerned about the environment. With zero emissions and no need to make a trip to the local service station for a gallon of gas on a Saturday morning, these machines also offer convenience and more power than they have in the past.

Electric lawn mowers come in different shapes and sizes. Another thing to consider when looking at these is the issue of power cords. Some electric lawnmowers require them, while others use batteries.

Those who may be considering a new lawnmower because of problems with their old one, there are several things to consider that could save them hundreds of dollars. Simple maintenance and repair in the form of oil changes, new spark plugs and air filters may be all that is required to keep an old lawnmower running another year.

The electric lawn mower is powered by electricity, as the title says. Electric lawn mowers are perfect for flat and clean areas and ​​no more than acres.

How to choose an electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mowers are quite complicated, but in my opinion, they are better for the average user than gas lawn mowers. So if you want to buy a good lawn mower, you will need to know these things.

The major benefits of using a mower with a battery are that they do not make noise, so mowing with it is very comfortable for you, for your neighbors and animals.

Corded mowers because of the cord.

Cordless mowers because of the limited battery capacity (more batteries means more weight). They can usually run 30 to 60 minutes on one charge.

Electric mowers also have limited power and size, 1or 1inch cutting decks compared to 2inches for gas mowers. Thick weeds and overgrown grass will require slow, careful mowing.

Corded mowers are designed to work with the limited current capacity of household power supplies and power cords. They typically draw to 1amps at 120 volts.

Cordless mowers are limited by their batteries. A more powerful motor means a shorter run time.

Homeowners who can work within these limitations will be rewarded with an easy to use machine and a pleasant mowing experience.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

Corded mowers should use standard electric cords that plug into the mower. This allows easy replacement if the cord is accidentally cut by mowing over the cord.

Electric cord can get in the way, possibly getting run over and cut by the mower.

Corded versus Cordless electric Lawn Mowers

For those willing to put up with the inconvenience of trailing a power cord, the light and low-maintenance corded electric lawn mowers are a good choice.

Gardens with obstacles that entangle cords, or that are far from electrical power points, are more suited to cordless mowers.

GreenWorks 25111Amp 20-Inch

Great mower for small jobs. Not suitable for hardcore mowing, because the handles will not handle that. Easy to adjust the mowing height. It starts and stops easy, and are quieter than a gas mower. The deck of the mower is metal, not plastic! Very large rear tires, which makes easy to maneuver. You can also use side-discharge so that you can mulch the grass. With this, you will be happy for at least years.

Increase the Life of Your Lawn Mower

If it bothers you to be continually buying a new mower and contributing to the mounds of waste at your disposal depot there are several steps you can take that will add years of service to your machine.

Never start a lawn mower without first checking the oil level. Treat this step as you would stretching before undertaking serious exercise like mowing your lawn. If the motor is not properly lubricated it has to work harder and may even seize up. It doesn’t take long for the oil check stage to become a habit. Oil expands as the engine runs so when it’s cold the level should read just below full.

A little lubrication goes a long way. Be sure that the external moving parts on your mower are easy to manipulate. Anything that is stiff that shouldn’t be needs to be oiled or it will soon break. Modern lawn mowers have many plastic parts. These parts are more fragile than metal ones. And as the plastic ages it becomes more and more brittle.

The 196Brott-20 Ride-On Lawnmower

When new, the Brott-20 would have sold for £260 0s 0d with four collecting bags, or a model with an electric starter fitted would be £30s 0d. The trailer which Mr Davies is now looking for would have cost £20s 0d if bought new from Edward Thomas & Co in 1964.

If your father has a half acre or more and has to navigate his current lawn tractor around trees, flower beds, plants, and lawn ornaments, a ZTR will save him precious time and give his lawn a professional, manicured look. Best of all, Zero Turn Radius mowers are fun to drive.

Zero Turn Radius Mowers

A stationary wheel pivoting without forward or rearward motion will likely dig out sod, but dad will learn to provide slight forward or rearward movement on the pivoting wheel, losing just a bit of maneuverability but not losing precious turf.

Consider Including Service

On the negative side, the ZTR mower deck is not designed for easy removal for cleaning and blade sharpening. Some models offer a wash-out port that connects a garden hose for under-deck cleaning. At least one model, offered by Country Clipper, has a patented mower deck system that pivots out and up into a vertical position for easy cleaning and blade sharpening.

Of course, if your gift includes annual maintenance from the dealer, cleaning and blade service are part of the pick up and delivery service.

Change the Oil Each Year in a Lawnmower

Some people will keep the same oil in their lawnmowers for years without ever changing it. But just like the oil in a car, the oil in a lawnmower should be changed due to viscosity breakdown and the buildup of contaminants. When changing the oil in a lawnmower, proper disposal is also an important consideration.

Very important: For your safety, disconnect the spark plug before ever turning over a mower or getting near the cutting blade. If this is not done, a blade that is rotated by hand could cause the mower to fire up on its own and injure the person inspecting it. For those who are not willing or able to do this, a small engine repair shop or other lawnmower repair shop is still a better, cheaper option than running out to buy a new mower.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the gas cans by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your gas cans wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of gas cans



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about gas cans is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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