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Best hose timer 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2023

Brayden DiazHey, I’m Brayden Diaz. Let’s discuss this topic to help you select best hose timer for 2018 and take your experience to a whole new level with aerators.

Just read here for my top 3 recommendations. Why are these 3 hose timer on top of my list? Well read on… Like most products, some outdo others, so use my top three list below to get started on your search for the best hose timer of 2018.

Best hose timer of 2018

Check them out and decide which one suits you the best to splurge upon. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below.

Here are the customer reviews of some of the best hose timer of 2018. Here are my top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect item for your needs.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – Instapark MWT-08 Outdoor Garden Hose End Automatic Shut off Mechanical Water Timer

Instapark MWT-08 Outdoor Garden Hose End Automatic Shut off Mechanical Water Timer

Mechanical water timer automatically shuts off water after time runs out with a maximum run time of 120 minutes, no batteries are required
Compatible with any garden hose faucet with a ¾” GHS (Garden Hose Standard) thread
Features manual bypass setting for faucet use without removal
Literally no flaws

Why did this hose timer win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!
















№2 – Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Waterproof Digital Programmable Single Outlet Automatic On Off Water Faucet Hose Timer with Rain Delay and Manual Control

Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Waterproof Digital Programmable Single Outlet Automatic On Off Water Faucet Hose Timer with Rain Delay and Manual Control

Single-station digital programmable faucet water timer with impulse solenoid valve attaches to any garden outdoor hose faucet with a standard ¾” (GHS) thread and offers flexible and effective control of watering frequency and duration with simple, straightforward, fool-proof, and user-friendly programming
It rusts quite easily.

Why did this hose timer come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.
















№3 – Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

Rain delay for water conservation
Heavy Duty weatherproof construction
Run time from 1-240 minutes (4 hours)
It is hard to wash..
Longevity is in question.

Why did this hose timer take third place?

I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.
















hose timer Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy hose timer, right? No!

Focus on your goals

Like their indoor counterparts, every smart garden device does one or both of the following: senses the environment around it and/or automates a task. Smart outdoor devices will thus help you learn about your environment, help it thrive or both. Robot lawn mowers focus mostly on automation, but still need to sense enough to stay within the boundaries of your yard. Both plant sensors and weather monitors focus mostly on senses, but can still send you push notifications and act as triggers for other automation devices. Connected sprinklers gather weather information, and use it to automate a watering schedule.

Plant sensors

This is the only category of smart outdoor tech that can actually be used indoors, making them great for keeping a potted plant alive. Even the simplest plant sensor we’ve seen measures soil moisture, and compares that info against a plant database to give you specific advice about when to water that species of plant. You’ll even get push notifications reminding you to water from all plant sensors we’ve tested, so you can steer clear of accidental procrastination.

Weather sensors

Even more of a niche item than most smart garden tech, weather sensors can be quite useful in certain scenarios. They’re the optimal device for learning more about your surroundings in general. Plus the included sensors can be used to monitor sensitive areas of your home, like a wine cellar or a child’s room. Short of having a specific use in mind though, you might not find much value in these devices beyond what you can get from the dozens of free weather apps.

Light bulbs

If that’s the case, you might need a device with a specialized signal. Your options include frequencies such as Z-Wave and ZigBee — which use less power than Wi-Fi, but need a hub to translate the signal for your router. The Blossom Smart Watering Controller supplements its Wi-Fi signal with a power line connection, which uses the electric wiring in your home to transmit signals.

You might also find devices that use Bluetooth, which connects directly to your smart phone and uses less battery than Wi-Fi, but doesn’t let you access your device remotely. The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub — a smart sprinkler controller — goes one step beyond Wi-Fi using cellular signal provided by US carrier AT&T, allowing you to stay connected to your device even if your router fails.

Flat hoses are same as fireman’s hose. It’s fully round when water is running through it, and flatten when it’s empty. These hoses are generally easy to roll so take less space to store. But you will need a hose reel to store them properly. The good news is some flat hose are with hose reel, but they are bit costly. These hoses are made with vinyl too, so the puncture and kink is come with them easily. They have a lower burst pressure, so it takes the time to water the garden. If you have storage issues and you are going to use it in a straight line, then you might consider to having this.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are typically used for large garden or field for irrigation. These are mostly made of recycled plastics and rubber and have leaky walls. So, when the water is on, thousands of tiny holes of the hoses sprinkle water and wet the soil. The hoses are directly laid on the ground or buried under the surface. Soaker hoses are good to use in flower/fruit or vegetable gardens where you need to watering plant in the schedule. They need a good amount of water pressure to run and sprinkling water.

Hose Length

Garden hose mostly comes in to 100 ft lengths. So before buying get the idea of you maximum distances of use the hose for your garden. But don’t get unnecessarily extended hoses. Thus they will make you spend the extra money and take more space to storage. Besides, long hoses need heavy pressure to provide a right amount of water pressure. So if need to cover your balcony or small rooftop garden using a 2ft hose is best. For urban years take the 50 ft length. You can add some extra length later by joining to extend the length if needed.

Diameter and water flow

There is a direct connection of diameter and water flow. So the bigger the can carry more water but supply less flow of water. Inner diameter comes in ¾, 5/and ½ inches. With 5/width you will get a good water flow and pressure that easy to handle. That is why, most of the gardeners like this one. Half inches hoses are good for 50 ft or less garden hose. They are suitable for a light task like watering the hanging basket, flower pots. But they don’t have enough pressure t wash your car.

Hose material

We have already taken about the hose materials while discussing the types of garden hose. So for the most durable and long lasting hose, you can buy rubber hose or rubber composite hose. They are good for using in heat, sun and can leave them on an uneven surface. Also, they are useful for carrying hot waters. So you can use them for fill pull, washing cars or anything with gardening. But rubbers hose are expensive and bulky. Next material vinyl is lightweight but less durable. But they are useful for the light task if you maintain them properly.

Rain Bird SST400I Simple To Set Indoor Timer

The Rain Bird SST400I is among the most versatile and easy-to-set-up sprinkler timers in the market. The white unit weighs about 1.5-pounds, is made from high-quality plastic, and is designed for indoor use. It features a 4-zone design that conserves water and minimizes wastage.

The automatic unit comes with auto rain off that prevents over watering especially in the rainy season. Its easy-to-install mechanism makes fitting it on most water systems simple and easy whereas the large dial makes selection very convenient.

It’s a top choice because of its versatility, easy to install and maintain, and works seamlessly. People also love its decent size of 1.x x inches and simplicity. Unfortunately, the LCD display isn’t backlit.

ORBIT One Outlet Single-Dial Hose Faucet Timer (Blue)

You can effortlessly water your lawn, backyard, and garden without wasting water with this green-colored timer by Orbit. The plastic unit is very light and weighs 0.pounds. It’s also very compact courtesy of its dimension of 10.x 6.6x inches.

Installing it on most systems is stress-free since it comes with a brass swivel coupling. The heavy-duty unit is weatherproof and can work both indoors and outdoors and runs on AA batteries.

Rain Bird SST600I Simple To Set Indoor Timer

This gray timer allows you to independently set different zones and comes with a built-in wiring cycle and troubleshooting valves. The fairly light and small accessory weighs 3.ounces and won’t be too heavy for the systems. It also features a decent size of 1.x x inches and only occupies a very small space.

The energy-efficient timer doesn’t need any backup battery and comes with a quality and advanced surge protection for safety and durability. For controlling up to zones, this accessory features automatic indoor watering timer.

Melnor 301Digital Water Timer

This nice-looking and sturdily built timer is designed to water a region for as many as times in a day. The gray/yellow accessory is famed for its effectiveness and efficiency and conserves water as well as power.

It occupies the second position because of high quality, simple to install, works perfectly and is easy to program. However, it is only suitable for a single zone.

Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

You no longer need to manually control the sprinkler system or use a manual timer. You also shouldn’t waste water or energy because of using an obsolete or unreliable system. With this gray sprinkler timer by Orbit, your lawn or garden will be watered when you desire without your intervention.

It can run nonstop for as many as 240 minutes and comes with Rain Delay to prevent over watering on rainy days. The heavy-duty piece is sturdily built to withstand regular use and the elements and comes with a weatherproof construction. You can also override the setting by using the manual override feature.

Hose materials

There are two main types of materials commonly used for garden hoses – vinyl or rubber. You also find hoses made from a combination of both materials.

Vinyl – This material is the cheaper option of the two while also being lighter and easy to use. However, this also means they are less durable, making them more susceptible to cracking, kinks, and general wear and tear.

Vinyl garden hoses can also deteriorate faster, especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions, so it is important to store them properly. In terms of affordability, hoses made from a vinyl material are a clear winner, so if you are on a budget it’s certainly a great option.

Rubber – Unlike vinyl hoses, those made from rubber materials are more robust so will last much longer, but this also makes them more expensive and heavier to manoeuvre.

However, rubber hoses are less prone to kinking, while they can also withstand the more extreme elements that bit better. They can also carry hot water, which will be useful for some, while also being less likely to cracking.

Should you want to find a happy medium between these two, composite garden hoses that use both materials are a fantastic choice.

Hose stength

The strength of a garden hose is a reference to the overall amount of pressure that it can withstand, so if you were to exceed this amount the hose will likely rupture. You will not necessarily need a hose with a high strength, as it is more important for tasks that require high water pressure such as a sprinkler or using a pressure washer machine.

Strength will be measured in psi, and it should be clearly written on the size of the hose or on the packaging. If you intend to use your hose for tasks involving high pressure, anything above 350 psi is recommended.

Hose coupling

The fitting or coupling of a garden hose is the attachment that connects the hose to the water supply. They will be made from either plastic or metal, with the latter being much more durable and robust.

However, metal couplings can be difficult to fully secure, in which case a lighter plastic option is better suited. Plastic fittings also come more ergonomically designed, making them much easier to attach in most cases.

Yet if there is one aspect about metal couplings that make them a much better option it is the fact that they are much more likely to break or leak. Therefore, metal couplings, especially those made from brass, are widely considered the best option.

To avoid issues with regards to attaching metal couplings, try to find an option that is larger in size and comes in an octagon shape – these should be much easier to tighten to a spigot.


Also known as ‘light duty’ hoses, these are your everyday types that are suitable for most light duty tasks. They happen to be the lowest priced, but this also means they have features such as vinyl materials, plastic fittings and being more prone to kinking.

They are still a fine choice for anyone on a budget or those that will only use their hoses sparingly, so a smaller sized lightweight hose should be fine, providing you don’t need to use it as a sprinkler or for washing your vehicle.


For those planning on using their hose for a variety of tasks, a heavyweight option may be the best bet. They are much tougher, typically being made from rubber, and will usually provide higher pressure levels while also providing metal couplings and being less prone to kinking.

They will be much heavier than a lightweight option, so be sure to avoid them if you may struggle to move and store the hose.

They also tend to be one of the most flexible types of hoses available so are usually made from vinyl, making them more likely kink, while they tend to carry lower water pressure levels as well.

Soaker hoses are designed to be used beneath the ground due to their porous design that allows small amounts of water to continually seep through into the soil, providing the roots of plants with a direct and constant source of water as needed.

You can lay these deeper into the ground or lightly below the surface. Some people opt to bury them at around inches for vegetable beds, while just a few inches below a layer of mulch is another popular option for flower beds.


Sprinklers are not too much different, featuring small sections of holes that will spray the water upwards. The main difference is that rather than being buried beneath the ground, sprinkler hoses lay directly on top of the ground surface, providing a small and gentle source of water.

They are most commonly found on garden lawns, although some people set up sprinklers in flower beds as well.

As the name suggests, coiled hoses are coiled into a tight spiral shape whenever they are not being used. They extend into a straight hose upon use, although their lengths are generally much shorter than most other types.

Their main allure is their ability to be stored even in the more compact spaces. However, the main coiled feature means they tend to have a short length, making them more suited for smaller garden or patio spaces.


For example, a multi-functioning garden hose attachment can provide you with all of the most commonly used attachments, such as a sprinkler or spray gun.

You may wish to go for a spray gun attachment that gives a variety of spray settings, as these can be great for watering different types of plants and flowers. You can easily adjust the settings on these to achieve a different type of spray.

For instance, a gentle spray is needed for younger plants which would make a fan spray a fine option while a jet spray feature is great for pressure washing and the like, making a spray gun a fantastic option as it can provide both.

Many garden hoses come with a reel when purchased, but many will not have this extremely useful accessory. Not only will it make your hose easier to store, but it ensures the hose is adequately protected from any accidents that could cause damage.

There’s a few types of reels you can go for, from a stylish wall mounted option to a portable reel that comes with wheels for easy transporting.

Why we only tested 50-foot hoses

If you look through our list of the six best garden hoses, you’ll notice that all of the hoses we tested are 50 feet long. This wasn’t an accident.

While researching what gardeners and others who use garden hoses look for, we found that 50 feet appeared to be the sweet spot for garden hoses in almost all situations.

A 50-foot hose is the ideal size for a number of reasons. First and foremost, most people simply don’t need more length than that. For those that do, we think that simply connecting another 50-foot hose is preferable to a 100 foot hose.

Unless you have a very specific need for a 100 foot hose, we think most people are much better off with a 50 foot garden hose.

Water Right 400 Series

A durable hose that is certified to be safe to use for drinking water.

The Water Right hose is fairly flexible and difficult to kink. While Water Right claims that it works perfectly in extremely hot and cold conditions, we weren’t able to verify that ourselves in San Diego. However, we did find a number of reviews online that corroborate their claims.

There isn’t anything wrong with the Water Right hose, per se. If you want a hose that is safe for drinking out of, and if that particular feature is important to you, then it is likely worth the (significant) premium you’ll pay over a hose like our top pick, the Craftsman.

However, you’ll pay for this functionality, both in terms of the cost, and from the fact that water pressure is reduced compared to other hoses.

Gilmour Flexogen

The Gilmour Flexogen is a solid garden hose overall. It is very difficult to kink, feels solid and durable in our hands, and attached to our spigot and the various garden hose nozzles easily.

We found it to be most similar to our top pick, the Craftsman Premium Rubber hose. However, for a few dollars more, you can get the Craftsman, which we found to be a stronger choice overall.

Air Hose Reels

These hose reels wind up the hose with air pressure. Many of these have quick connect feature. These can be usable for gardening, garage and other cleaning purposes.

Now I am listing you the hose reel reviews to get more of it below in this article. I hope you will get keen to buy hose reel for getting the job done.

Bit tough to crank the hose in.

Suncast hose reels are really attractive in design. And they again prove it with the Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder 125-Foot Capacity Hose Reel. The basket weave type design is charming part of this hose reel. This is kind of automatic wind up hose reel which has the ability to roll long hose up to 12feet. This can be a great part of the beautify of your garden. This product is designed to fit in a small place of your garden. This hose reel is one of the best retractable hose reels.

This Aquawinder hose reel has easy installation system. You can find that this product comes with screws for mounting with a set of masonry anchors. RSW125D uses a water pressure retracting system to be more effective than a spring-loaded system. You don’t need any battery to power this on. The water pressure will do everything. This hose reel is very humble to use. You need to turn the water off when you want to unwind the hose. Again, you need to keep the faucet on and close the nozzle at the tip of the hose and flip the retract lever – that’s how you can wind up the hose.

Belt is smaller.

Rapid Reel 104Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel is one of the best heavy duty garden hose reel carts available at the market. This hose reel cart is for them who want to wind the hose without installing or mounting the hose reel at any fixed place. This one is well-designed and suitable for the homeowners who love to keep garden clean and get long lasting service from a hose reel cart. Usually, winding hose in a reel is sometimes tiresome and if the reel is fixed to one place, then surely reduces the interest to clean up the lawn and garden. This 104hose reel cart has well structured frame with two wheel below it. You can carry the hose reel anywhere you want.

Sometimes hard to unwinding the hose.

Suncast DHH150 Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout is exceptional to all other hose reels. This hose reel has large hose capability and enclosed storaged compartment. This hose hangout can fulfill all your gardening needs mostly by storing the long hoses and other necessary tools in the compartment. You can wind up the hose or hide that inside the hangout and keep nozzles, garden gloves and other gardening accessories. This hideaway hose reel box is specially made for them who use a great length hose for gardening purposes.

This product comes in fully assembled. You just need to mount it where you want. You can also mount this hose hangout on the backing of the mobile home siding. The interior dimensions of the storage compartment are five by eight by ten inches. Installation may take not more than half an hour. But you need to use the drill and have mounting hardware with you. DHH1150 deluxe hose hangout can be used for industrial purposes too. Winding the garden hose can be disrupted while using low-quality hose reels. Even you might not get any storage compartment or sturdy construction of these reels. Suncast DHH150 is very high-quality garden hose reel that meets all general and extraordinary requirements. You can wind up the hose smoothly, and rewinding is also the same.

Tips on Hose Reels

Cleaning or watering a garden, lawn, garage etc. requires lots of effort, time and attention. You should use the things those are handy, easy to use, time consuming for these purposes. Using a hose without hose reel can be messy, boring and timeworthy. But when you use any hose reel, all the things goes in one line in easier ways.

First of all, you need to know what type of hose reels are suitable for your garden. Check the specs of hose reels. If your garden is short in size, the wall mount or portable hose reel cart can be perfect. If the size is medium or large, then hose reel cart can assist you. You can push the reel cart from one place to another easily. Choose automatic hose reel if you wish to wind or rewind the hose with one click. Decorative garden hose reels maintain the beauty or look of your garden. You can choose them to make the environment more aristocratic.

The capacity of a hose reel is also important. Average capacity of hose reel is 120+ feet. It’s wise to choose hose reel after knowing the hose storage capacity. Because, if you buy short size hose capacity reel or longer than your garden size requirements, then it’ll be wasteful. This can save money.

Durability does matter in this case. You should check out what materials are used to make the hose reel, plastic, resin, aluminum or mix. Usually, metal hose reels last longer but get rust. Plastic or resin made hose reels are light and easy to carry. Most of the hose reels require screws, nuts, and other mounting hardware. So, you should have them with your garden hose reels.

Meg Muckenhoupt

For folks looking to keep their garden lush, cars clean, and sprinklers sprinkling, the best choice is the Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose because of its great price, durability, build quality, lack of plasticizers, and lifetime warranty.

Our runner-up pick, the sought-after GatorHyde Drinking Water Safe Hose, has been discontinued. Though a few stores are still selling the very last of their stock, we’ve also seen increased prices that well exceed what we recommend paying for a hose. We’re keeping our eyes out for any replacement models, but for now we’ve removed the GatorHyde from our pick selection.

How we picked and tested

There aren’t many objective evaluations comparing hoses. Almost all information available online was anecdotal in nature, often wrong (and seriously so in some cases), and of very little use to homeowners.

Most hoses come in 25, 50, or 100 foot varieties. On their own, 25-foot hoses are almost useless—you can barely run one behind a car and back. In our tests, we found that the fifty foot hose, the standard length, was great for most tasks around the yard.  If you need more than 50 feet, most of the experts we talked to recommended buying multiple hoses instead of one longer one and connecting them when you need the added length. If anything does break or leak, you only have to replace the leaky section instead of buying another long, expensive hose.

Kinking is a major complaint with many hoses. Genevieve Schmidt, a garden writer and owner of a landscaping company in Northern California, tells us, “Every hose brand will kink, but some brands are better than others.” But designs marketed as kink-free don’t matter as much as proper storage technique (see Care and Maintenance below).

One of the most important qualities for a hose can’t easily be tested, specifically how it holds up over time. I heard time and time again that all hoses fail. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, they will eventually spring a leak, or stop working the way you want them to, so having a solid warranty is essential.

For the original guide, we tested six hoses of different materials. For this update, we avoided PVC models and called in two polyurethane hoses, two additional rubber hoses, and two hoses made of a mystery copolymers.

The Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose is built like a tank, with heavy rubber construction and connectors of nickel-plated brass. Because of this plating, any lead in the brass won’t get into the water, and the couplings should hold up better over time. Rubber also minimizes contamination from plasticizing agents, and the thick material contributes to its kink-resistance. While not totally kink-proof, in our tests the Craftsman certainly kinked far less than the equivalent hybrid rubber/PVC hose from Gilmour.

The Craftsman is also considered to be a low toxicity risk by HealthyStuff.org. Their tests showed it to have no lead, and only trace amounts of other toxins.

Master gardener Cathy Beauregard, who owns a landscaping company in Connecticut and frequently teaches at UConn’s master gardening program, spends a lot of time working with hoses and agrees that there are none better than the Craftsman. “The best garden hose on the market is made out of black rubber, and you can buy them from Sears. They’re 100% guaranteed as long as you own it. You can run over it with a car and it’ll still be good,” said Beauregard.


The GatorHyde Drinking Water Safe Hose was our runner-up pick before its maker discontinued it. If you find one hidden on the top shelf of your local hardware store, grab it. This model is still a great hose with a loyal following, and we’re sorry to see it go.

All candy jokes aside, if your hose is going to be lying in a place where passersby could trip on it, it might be worthwhile to buy a neon-orange Dramm hose instead of the dour black Craftsman model. Otherwise, Wirecutter cannot judge the value of color aesthetics. Apart from reflecting different wavelengths of light, these hoses are the same, and Dramm offers a lifetime guarantee… just like Craftsman. The choice is yours.

The Swan hose comes with a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects, which requires the UPC code and the original receipt. It’s slightly more expensive than the Craftsman hose and doesn’t come with as good a warranty. It’s a decent hose, but you can do better.

The Flexzilla’s claim to fame is that it’s not supposed to not kink under pressure, but it is certainly capable of kinking when the hose is new and empty. Here at Wirecutter, we are skeptical of all claims of non-kinking hoses. Although it’s a charming shade of lime green, the possibility of plasticizers in the “polymer material” is off-putting. If you need to wend a snakey-looking hose around a series of obstacles, this might be a good match for your needs. Otherwise, you can save a few dollars and get the Craftsman hose for similar performance, or spend more money for a truly lightweight, subtly colored Water Right Slim and Light hose.

Genevieve Schmidt recommended the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden Hose, which impressed her because it was lighter (at lbs) and very resistant to kinking. The Tuff-Guard is set apart by its rigid helical polypropylene backbone, which prevents it from collapsing. The closest analogue I can think of is the hose you find on some vacuum cleaner cleaners. Like Genevieve Schmidt, I tried tying it in knots to no avail. It just refuses to kink.

The MaxFlex is made of a “copolymer.” Scotts is patenting the stuff, so the Scotts rep I contacted wouldn’t tell me precisely what it was made of, but said that it is phthalate-free. It’s hard to tell what else might be in it, though.

The MaxFlex is lighter than the Craftsman hose (lbs. vs. 1lbs. for the Craftsman), but not as light as the Water Right (6.lbs). It doesn’t cost much less than the Craftsman hose, but it doesn’t come with the superior Craftsman warranty. Like the Swan Premium Rubber Hose (which is made by the same company), the Scotts MaxFlex only comes with a “Limited Lifetime Warranty,” for manufacturer defects. A Scotts representative wrote, “If it fails (a construction defect, coupling issue etc) it is covered. If dragged a across a rough surface daily and it wears a hole in the product, that is consumer usage and not covered.”You can’t find the details on the hose packaging or the Scotts MaxFlex Hose web site, though.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the MaxFlex’s contents and warranty, the potential weakness of the aluminum couplings, and that it costs slightly more than our top pick, I do not recommend the MaxFlex Hose.

Wrapping it up

The 50-foot Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose is made with safe, reliable materials and the fit and finish that should last years if cared for properly. Not only is it well built and affordable, but it comes with a warranty that covers you when, not if, the hose eventually breaks. Pair it with our favorite hose nozzle, the cheap but sturdy Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol, for spray power.

The Eley Portable Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart is ranked 4.out of stars (it is a very high quality product, just a bit expensive). This highly ranked hose cart features flat-free, rugged all-rubber tires and is backed up by an incredible 10-year warranty. An excellent choice for both residential and commercial use, this garden hose reel features stainless steel hardware, a 1/2″ oversized tubular frame, and rustproof, sturdy metal construction. In addition, it has a Spartan bronze top-grade powder coat finish and will give its buyer years of reliable performance and industrial-duty strength.

This garden hose reel cart has a number of special features that will provide easier frustration-free watering tasks. It has a unique cam-lever break, an easy-grip crank handle, a state-of-the-art hose strap, grab and pull/push handlebars, and very smooth-spinning axle bushings. This proprietary design is perfect for both right-handed or left-handed rewinding.

Also, several optional kits are available to make your watering chores easier. The Eley Quad-Wheel Kit can transform this 2-wheeled garden cart-reel into a 4-wheeled reel and also replace the 2-wheeled cart’s front foot stand with a brand new wheeled bumper. The Eley Extra-Capacity Kit widens the center drum of the reel with a simple-to-install spacer, increases the 5/8″ hose capacity 7feet (150′ to 225′) or Increases the 3/4″ hose capacity 7feet (100′ to 175′).

Online reviews for this product are mostly positive, with users remarking on how durable it is and how simple its operation is. They also liked it straightforward assembly and its durability.

Drain hose that it cames with is too small

We rated the Suncast RSW125D Hose Reel 4.0 out of stars and is a quality stand-alone hose reel. It is made of strong resin (durable plastic), this reel comes fully assembled and includes both discharge and leader hoses. Two garden stakes are included to help secure this hose reel into the ground. It has a capacity of holding 12ft. of 5/8″ standard vinyl hose.

This automatic hose reel comes in an attractive dark brown java color and features a very nice decorative wicker pattern that fully conceals reel and hose. Because it is constructed of very strong plastic, it won’t develop any cracks when left outdoors in high temperatures. It weighs 22.pounds and measures 24″ x 27″ x 23.5″, comes with a discharge hose and a leader hose, and is a great choice for elderly people or people with back problems or pain issues in their wrists and hands. It takes away all of the struggle involved when using a hand crank.

It is essential to manually draw out the hose, keeping it straight, so the hose guide will be able to feed a hose off or on the reel properly. It’s also necessary to avoid any angles. In addition, you’ll need to avoid any obstacles like lawn furniture or bushes so that the hose can be reeled in straight.


Wall mounted garden hose reels can be either parallel or perpendicular, or both. A parallel mount will pull the garden hose out along the side of a wall, and the perpendicular mount will pull the garden hose straight out and away from a wall. Many users prefer wall mounted hose reels because of their inexpensive price. If you don’t need to take a reel with you to different locations, a wall mounted unit may be the best choice for you.

A cart hose reel holder offers the convenience of being able to move your hose reel to different locations. Cart holders are perfect for those gardeners who don’t want to leave their hoses outside – they can easily use the cart holder to roll their hoses inside a garage or shed. They are particularly useful for a larger yard. Simply wheel your cart to whatever section of the yard needs attention – many carts can hold 300′ long hoses.

Professional landscapers and those people who work in plant nurseries and commercial gardens tend to prefer garden hose carts. A good cart with durable wheels makes it simple to move over moderately rough terrain.


A stand-alone hose reel is a perfect choice for the person that doesn’t want to attach a reel to a wall of their house, but is looking for a reel with a retractable system that can hold 50′-225′ of hose. Drilling holes into certain types of walls can be quite difficult, and might not be an option for some people, including renters who can’t drill holes anywhere on the property. Stand-alone hose reels are so popular that firefighters in some situations even use them. It’s also a good choice for people who are moving soon and don’t want to leave their hose reel behind.

Efficiency and convenience

Efficiency is one of the key advantages of using soaker hoses. Efficient in a way that soaker hoses have the ability to wet the plants and soils evenly and slowly, preventing water waste and over-watering. With soaker hoses reviews, no water is wasted through evaporation as everything that comes out from the holes of the hose is directed directly on the roots of a plant.

Gardening becomes a convenient task as well because the hoses are stationary, eliminating the need to drag heavy hoses around the garden just to water everything. Also, the soaker hoses reviews claims that it can also be installed with a timer that will turn the hose on and off as required, further promoting an efficient and convenient way of gardening.

Healthier plants

Because soaker hoses are installed at the base of the plants, watering near the ground provides few advantages for the garden owner. First, watering at ground level ensures precise watering of plants; that is to say, you are just watering the plants and not the weeds that may grow together with your plants in the garden.

Second, by targeting the soil, you are able to keep the leaves of the plants dry, thus, minimizing the risks of plants diseases and rotting of roots. By using soaker hoses, you are able to maintain a consistent soil moisture while keeping the leaves of the plants dry, hence, promoting healthier and livelier looking plants in your garden.

Budget-friendly and easier installation

Unlike the drip irrigation system, soaker hoses are cheaper to buy and easier to install, requiring lesser time and materials for installation. With soaker hoses, installation can be as easy as attaching the hose to a garden house where an outdoor faucet is attached.

According to soaker hoses reviews, it can also be installed in between plants and narrow rows in your garden so limited space is not an issue. This kind of hose is a great option for watering the vegetable gardens, flower beds, islands and around trees. With the more expensive drip irrigation system, hose, filters, emitters, and regulators are still needed to make one running.

What To Look For In A Soaker Hose

So how to decide which soaker hose is best for your garden? Let us know about the length first. When buying a soaker hose, you have to make sure that the length is enough to cover everything that has to be watered in your garden. From the plants to the narrow rows, the length of the soaker hose should be sufficient so that no part is missed.

Although soaker beds are more useful in traditional row-style vegetable and flower beds, they can still be used in any garden and field, so make sure to leave some extra lengths, especially if your soaker hoses will be installed where there will be some twists or turns, as this type of hose is flexible and can conform to any shape when needed.

As mentioned earlier, soaker hoses are generally made from recycled tires, however, hoses made from fabric are also available in the market today. Choosing one that is made from recycled tires on the hand is better in a way that soaker hoses made from this material is undoubtedly durable, making the hose last for several seasons.

Hence, when buying soaker hoses, make sure that the material is from a recycled tire, or at least close to it, so your hose can be utilized for a long period of time. Ensure that there are enough holes on it also so that water can be distributed evenly among the plants and narrow rows of soils in your garden.

When buying a soaker hose, make sure that the item can withstand water pressure, high or low. A soaker hose usually works good at a water pressure of approx 20-30 psi. Some soaker hoses can burst and flood the soil when exposed to high water pressure. If the package of the soaker hose indicates the pressure rating that it can withstand, the better. If there is nothing, though, you can test its durability to pressure with a gauge as well.

The best soaker hoses reviews says that soaker hoses not only come in various lengths, some designs come in flat, while most are still the traditional round type. When buying a soaker hose for your garden, consider the installation that you opt to do. If you want a hose that will fit your garden beautifully and efficiently, you can opt for the flat soaker hoses that don’t bulge as much as the regular circular hoses when installed in the ground.

If aesthetics is not an issue, and you prefer a heavier duty soaker hose, you can opt for the regular circular hose which is more durable and can withstand higher water pressure.

The Best Soaker Hose For Your Garden – Short Reviews

Space-saving: This soaker hose can fit any size of soil beds because of its flat design. This makes it easier to plan and maintain your gardens because this soaker hose can be placed snugly in whatever space available.

Easy storage: This feature is again made available because of the flat body of this soaker hose. Whereas round hose can be a pain to stow and disassemble when not in use, the Melnor Flat Soaker Hose can be neatly kept away and stored easily as its design allows it to be folded almost effortlessly even if you get the longer variants.

Durable Make: Melnor hose is the most durable one available and their flat soaker hose is no exception. Their hoses can be used and reused for long periods without any bursting sections or leak issues.

One possible con of using this hose, however, is flexibility, which it also owes to its flat design. Setting up the hose along edges and curves may prove to be tricky, and may require adjustments to the pressure of the water source for efficiency. It is still viable, regardless, and may even be better than another round hose as to this expect.

Durable Make: This Dramm soaker hose employs thick and sturdy walls for the hose body. The strong manufacturing and its thick walls which can withstand strong pressure, and prevent the presence of leaks and geysers in the hose. This feature also ensures that no water is wasted.

Environment-friendly: This soaker hose is made from recycled materials which bolster its environmental appeal. You can rest easy knowing that one of your trusty tools in maintaining your garden green is also made from environment-friendly materials.

Uses less water: Another pre-environment feature of this Dramm soaker hose is that it uses 90% less water compared to other hose in watering the same area. Its efficiency with regard to the consumption of water means that garden beds are watered properly with small excesses.

This Dramm soaker hose is on the slightly pricier end of the spectrum. Its price can prove to be a possible con as there are other products which can get the job done at slightly lesser prices, albeit without the added feature of this Dramm soaker hose.

Efficiency: The weeping method which this soaker hose employ allows for more efficient irrigation as it lets water “weep” by slowly releasing in small doses instead of the constant bursts. This is a rather efficient method as it excess water from evaporating. It also makes it ideal for growing seedlings and other small plants which do not require big doses of water.

Durable Product: This Gilmour Soaker Hose is made of durable materials on the inside which is designed to prevent leaks and to handle strong amounts of pressure in conjunction with its weeping method. On the outside, the body is covered with fabric to protect the hose body from harmful UV rays. It is durable enough to be in place without maintenance for long periods of time.

Easy to Use: Like other flat-bodied hoses, the Gilmour Soaker Hose allows for easy setting up and stowing because of its flat design. It can also be easily moved around and transferred without disturbing your gardens.

The Miracle Gro Premium Bulk Soaker Hose boasts, among others, unique flexibility through its EZ Connect Fittings. This makes it easier to work around curves, edges and landscaped gardens. It also offers a number of awesome features which you should not miss in a soaker hose.

Flexibility: The EZ Connect Fittings makes it possible for this soaker hose to be cut and customized to fit your garden needs. Sections can be easily pieced together using the EZ Connect Fittings to deliver water in otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

Effortless Water Delivery: The Miracle Gro Soaker Hose features a porous hose which allows water to be delivered constantly in areas where it is set up. This ensures that water is properly delivered to the areas which need it the most. It employs the same weeping method by slowly releasing water in uniform doses to ensure proper watering and prevent oversaturation. The hose also employs a regulator which adjusts the pressure inside the hose to ensure that the right amount of water is released.

Durable Make: This soaker hose is also made from recycled material which adds to its environment-friendly appeal. The hose itself is also designed to withstand strong pressures which can be easily adjusted by using the regulator that comes with it.

It can be a bit tricky to set up as it requires some cutting and assembly but when properly installed, it gets the job done efficiently and properly.

Versatility: The mere number of EZ Connect Fittings that comes with the hose means that this product can fit most landscape and garden designs. It works great even with complicated layouts as the EZ Connect Fittings helps the hose deliver water even in the most hard-to-reach areas. vironment-friendly: This hose also employs the weeping method found in earlier products. Aside from delivering water safely to the garden, this hose does the job with less wastage as compared to sprinklers as water is fed directly to the plants and other areas which need it.

Efficiency: This soaker hose kit also comes with a regulator which makes watering your garden more efficient as you can basically control the amount of water which the hose can be released over time by simply adjusting its regulator.

Like the previous Miracle Gro product, this soaker hose kit can be a tad difficult to set up owing to the number of parts it comes with and its sheer length. It is advisable to have your garden layout ready first before proceeding to set your hose kit for easier installation.

Energy Efficiency

The Friedrich placed 7th out of the ten 70 pint dehumidifiers we tested for energy efficiency. Still, it only drew 30 watts more than the most energy efficient units. In our 50% room humidity real world test the Friedrich drew 620 watts of power. Compare this result with the best performing units in this category that drew 590 watts of power under the same conditions.

Consumer Feedback

As of the time of this editorial review, the Friedrich received 4one and two star reviews out of 22total reviews. It should be noted that these reviews are dated as far back as July 201Almost all of the 70 pint units we tested had reviews only dating back to early 201at the latest. As we discuss here, those units with reviews dating back further are more likely to receive negative reviews.


The Friedrich features a delayed start and a delayed stop like most of the large capacity units we tested. The timer can be set in one hour increments up to 2hours. Many of the units we tested featured a timer that could be set in half hour increments up to hours and then one hour increments up to 2hours. If you need a comparable unit with a timer that can be set in half hour increments up to hours then we suggest either of the other two 70 pint units we tested that also have a built-in pump (the Delonghi or the SPT) as both of them offer this functionality.

Operating Temperature

The Friedrich can be operated in temperatures as low as 41° F and as high as 95° F. This temperature range is fairly standard in the 70 pint size class. All of the 70 pint units, with one exception (the Whirlpool), cannot be operated at temperatures below 41° F. Most manufacturers also suggest that their dehumidifiers not be operated in temperatures above 95° or 96° F.

Cord Storage

No cord storage is included with this unit. Again, some of the more portable units we tested have plastic hooks on the back of the unit to wrap the power cord around which we found to be a major plus for applications where the dehumidifier is moved around a lot and also for applications where the dehumidifier is used only seasonally and is stored for long periods of time.

Impact Sprinklers Need Good Water Pressure

The most powerful lawn sprinklers are the ones you often see on commercial properties, with water pressure moving the unit’s rotating arms in a circle to produce strong, pulsating sprays that soak deeply into the ground (but can also damage tender or small plants).

These so-called “impact” sprinklers can be adjusted to rotate in angles covering 0-360° (depending on model) so you can select exactly where you want the water to hit. They’re the “best” type of sprinkler for your lawn unless you live in an area with low water pressure because without enough pressure the arms won’t move.

Smaller “rotary” sprinklers are similar but aren’t as sensitive to water pressure so they usually won’t get stuck in one position. Most can’t be adjusted to cover specific areas, but are a good cheaper alternative for consistent watering. “Oscillating” sprinklers are probably what you think of if you reach back to your childhood memories; they have a long tube with holes that roll back and forth, producing high sprays of water which move from one side to the other and cover a rectangular area.

The high sprays are an inefficient way of delivering water to your lawn, but they can do a decent job if left in one spot for a long period of time – and kids love running through them.

Step Hose connectors

Check your faucet and the dispenser nozzle. Your pressure washer hose should have a snap or twist connection to match the faucet and the gun. Most guns have a male connector. You will simply need a M2female connector hose in such cases. If your gun has a female connector, you will also need a hose/gun adapter.

Step Choose a Flexible Pressure Wash Hose

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. The market is flooded with different kinds of RV water hoses.

It won’t work because it is not made for potable water. What is potable water? It just means it is safe for drinking out of. Your general green garden hose is not safe to drink from. They release heavy metals and other toxic substances into the water that can make us humans sick.

Perfect for systems where water pressure is 44psi or more.At low temperatures loses flexibility, kinks very easily. Maximum lifetime years with a proper storing in winter.

Watering plants at temperatures from 23f to 122f or -5ºC + 50ºC. Not good for rough places with spikes and other sharp things.

Multilayer hose

Better resistance to chemicals, cold and hot weather and also resistant to UV rays. Better kink resistance and flexibility. Can hold very high water pressures.

Daily watering. Can be used in almost all temperatures. Mostly all rubber hoses are a multilayer.

Temperature range.

If you want to use a hose in winter, you will need to check temperature description on hoses label. The typical hose will work from -1Fahrenheit to 10If you are buying casual hose, remember not leave it outside in hot weather and in winter. It will break very fast.

Ruifeng Water Hose

The Ruifeng Water Hose is a hose that is easy to handle, lift, stretch, and maneuver. This makes it incredibly easy to use in your lawn, garden, or workshop. The Ruifeng Water Hose is made from durable polyurethane as well as fabric. It is also made with steel assembly clamps and solid and sturdy copper fittings. This makes the Ruifeng Water Hose sturdier than hoses of the past generation when it comes to resistance. The Ruifeng Water Hose has a stretchable and expandable body that will not twist or kink. It has brass connectors that are sturdy enough and will not burst. Moreover, it does not get entangled in rocks or debris as its texture glides smoothly through these.

This water hose also has a durable expanded structure that gives it added flexibility during use. It also comes with a spray nozzle that you can adjust up to eight patterns. The metal connectors also add to the stability of the structure. The Ruifeng Water Hose is made from premium materials that can withstand heat of up to 208.degrees Fahrenheit. It can also expand up to three times its original size. The size shrinks back automatically to its original size as soon as the water is turned off. This makes the Ruifeng Water Hose lightweight.

The Ruifeng Water Hose is ideal for many cleaning and watering purposes. It can be used in your car-washing shop, workshop, garden, pool, RV, and boat. As a high-quality water hose, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a storage sack with which you can carry the hose wherever you go. Users of the Ruifeng Water Hose say that the best qualities of this hose include its durability and stability. It also comes with the ease with which one can stretch and maneuver the hose,  unlike most hoses where you have to hold firmly in order to control its movement. The Ruifeng Water Hose does not give the user a difficult time while watering or cleaning.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your hose timer wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of hose timer



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