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Best telescoping ladder 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated March 1, 2023

Brayden DiazMy name is Brayden Diaz. I have been a freelance writer for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology related topics. Here are the best telescoping ladder for 2018 – based on my own expert opinion, feature sets, prices, and overall popularity.

In fact, it was the first time I had been in this situation and what I thought was going to be a very quick and easy task turned out to be a good many weeks of research. In this article, I’ve listed down the Top 3 list. These are the best telescoping ladder your money can buy.

Best telescoping ladder of 2018

The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good. I must say I am quite a fan of telescoping ladder, so when the question “What are the best telescoping ladder available on the market?” came to my mind, I excitedly started gathering information together with personal experience to write this article in the hope that it may help you find the suitable telescoping ladder. The best telescoping ladder will make your fairytale dreams come true! Here, I will review 3 of the best telescoping ladder of 2018, and we will also discuss the things to consider when looking to purchase one. I hope you will make an informed decision after going through each of them.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Ohuhu 12.5ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Ohuhu 12.5ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

12-STEP FOLDABLE LADDER: 3.8 m (12ft 6in) in length, the foldable telescopic climb ladder extends and stores easily.
PREMIUM ALUMINUM ALLOY: Constructed of durable and sturdy aluminum alloy with wider steps for enhanced stability.
LOCKING MECHANISM & BONUS STRAP: Intelligent extend and lock mechanism in place with thumb buttons to click smoothly and effortlessly. Heavy-duty carrying closure strap included for increased convenience.
Not found yet.

Why did this telescoping ladder win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.


Ease of use














№2 – Lifewit 12.5ft EN131 Telescoping Ladder Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi Purpose Ladders

Lifewit 12.5ft EN131 Telescoping Ladder Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi Purpose Ladders

QUALITY MATERIAL : Constructed with durable and sturdy lightweight aluminum alloy metal to ensure capacity of 330 pounds.
SAFETY: Scientific design on extension and lock mechanism with thumb buttons to click smoothly and effortlessly. Operate with ease without worrying about hurting fingers during retraction.
Don’t fit everyone.
Heavier and thicker.

Why did this telescoping ladder come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.


Ease of use














№3 – Finether 16.4ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder | Multi-purpose Telescoping Ladder

Finether 16.4ft Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder | Multi-purpose Telescoping Ladder

TELESCOPING DESIGN: 12 rungs with latches allow you easily to extend to the ladder from 3.8 ft (119 cm) to 16.4 ft (500 cm), reaching your desired height; great for commercial contractors and serious do-it-yourselfers
SAFETY GUARANTEED: anti-slip treads and double overmolded feet ensure stability and traction; the latches lock each rung in place for safe ascending; closure strap secures the ladder shut and avoids sudden open; finger protection spacers prevent finger trapping injuries in case the ladder snaps down;work gloves (included) provide additional protection against punctures and abrasions;
Small size.
Quite expensive.

Why did this telescoping ladder take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.


Ease of use














telescoping ladder Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy telescoping ladder, right? No!


The 780P Type IA Professional Series extends from a retracted height of 2.5′ to 12.5′. It has a carry weight of 3lbs and a convenient built in carry handle.

Designed with maximum safety in mind the 780P uses Xtend & Climb’s patented “No-Pinch Closure System” ​that has red/green tab safety tab indicators so you know for sure that the ladder is locked in place before you leave the ground.

Ollieroo EN13Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Just be aware this certified load capacity is to European en13standards and not to ANSI Type IA safety code​ which is the American standard.

Telesteps 1800EP Professional Ladder

The Telesteps 1800EP is built to roughly the same standards as the other colapsible ladders above. It extends from 3inches up to 14.feet.

Extended Height​

Whenever you use any ladder any decision you make on where and how you use it should be primarily based on safe usage. Always ensure that the ladder is on a stable surface that is not slippery.

The ladder should also rest up against a stable wall or surface. It should be placed at a safe angle away from the surface that gives it maximum stability.

When you start to climb the ladder always ensure that the tools or load you are carrying do not impede your safety in any way. Always try to remain in balance on the ladder. If you intend to move an awkwardly shaped object about at height try to have someone hand it to you from the ground once you are in a stable position on the ladder.

Ladders are ideal for reaching those difficult areas, such as rooftops, ceilings and windows, yet they are noticeably cumbersome. Given the need to extend to such high heights, ladders are often hard to store, heavy, and generally difficult to transport unless you own an appropriate vehicle.

Storing them at home can also be easier said than done, which is why you will come across many ladders that have been left outside because there’s nowhere else to put them! As you can see, most of the setbacks with ladders relate to their size, meaning it would be very useful to have something more compact.

The Finether 5M Aluminum is a robust, versatile telescopic ladder that is suitable for use at home and work. EN13certification means it is safe to use for light industrial applications, and its massive 5m height will also be useful in this regard.

It is also a multi-functioning model, as it can be folded in half with the hinge and release rod to function as a step ladder as well. There’s a total of eight rungs when used as a straight ladder, with a locking mechanism for each height that allows the ladder to reach various heights, with a total extension of 5m.

Expect them to be easy to transport too, as they retract into a very compact 96cm and weigh only 18.7kg, again highlighting how suitable this ladder is for commercial use – it will easily store in the back of a van without issue.

More importantly, the Finether 5M Aluminum takes many steps to ensure safety. Double grip handles are present on each run to ensure no accidental jams or pinches from misplaced hands, while the stabiliser bar and rubber feet ensure the ladder remains stable in every position.

The VonHaus 2.6m telescopic ladder is a market leader, being one of the most popular smaller sized ladders of their kind. Made from a quality aluminium material, it’s a small yet strong ladder that is perfect for many uses, particularly around the home.

However, with EN-13certification, you can easily use the VonHaus for various professional applications, although the 2.6m height may somewhat limit this.

The rung by rung extension feature does ensure that the ladders can be used a variety of height settings, so you will find it useful for many DIY and home maintenance tasks such as decorating, while also be a great way to reach higher cupboards, lofts, shelves etc.

It shouldn’t be difficult to store either, weighing just 7.8kg with a very compact height of 78cm when fully retracted.

Moreover, it’s a safe ladder to use. Rubber feet are present to ensure it remains secure when used, while the anti-pinch protection feature helps to avoid accidents, and the rung by rung locking mechanism works automatically for added safety.

For anyone that requires a robust ladder that can be easily stored at home or work, this is a model worth consideration.

The Finether DIY 3.8M Portable is a great telescopic ladder that will have many uses around the home or workplace.

For instance, it features a multi-functioning design that allows it to work as both a straight ladder or an A-frame step ladder. As it can be extended rung by run, there’s many height settings, with total expanded height of 3.8m.

This makes it suitable for tasks of every scope and size, whether it’s reaching a very high point to paint or clean, or trying to fit into a more compact space where a traditional ladder wouldn’t fit. This makes perfectly suited for home use, be it in a house, flat, garage, loft or anywhere else.

This makes it simple to transport in most vehicles, while also being easily stored in a compact space at home.

Moreover, it is a ladder designed with safety in mind. For example, there’s clear visual indicators for the locking system, making it easy to understand how to safely extend, retract and lock the ladder when being used. The non-slip base of the ladder also increases the overall safety.

German manufacturer WORHAN have produced one of the most robust telescopic ladders in the market, with this 5.6m model being perfectly suited for both professional and domestic use.

The massive 5.6m extended height certainly makes the model ideal for many different trade sectors, and the EN-13certification ensures that it will be safe and suitable for every work environment.

This is enhanced by the step by step extension that allows you to adjust the overall height in small increments, granting access to a huge selection of spaces as needed. Better still, the ladder has a foldable feature in the middle, allowing it to be used as both a straight ladder and step ladder.

Because of this handy feature, you can easily get work done on uneven surfaces, stairs, and almost any hard-to-reach areas that a normal ladder wouldn’t be capable off. Whether it’s being used to decorate, climb a roof, or conduct any form of maintenance, this versatile ladder can get the job done.

Of course, being a telescopic ladder in design means that it can be easily retracted for storage and/or transport. The ladder retracts to a very compact 0.96m, and with a reasonable weight of just 20kg, it will be easy to move and store as necessary.

The WORHAN 5.6M is a ladder perfect for any trade. The ability to extend to several different heights while also functioning as a step ladder makes it a hugely versatile ladder suitable for many jobs and tasks.

This model of SOTECH ladders are a fine choice for anyone looking for telescopic ladders that can be used in and around the home. With a very compact design of just 80cm when retracted, these ladders are easy to store, be it in a cupboard at home or in the boot of your car.

Their unfolded length is an impressive 3.8m, making them great for almost any kind of home maintenance or DIY task. Some telescopic ladders will still be limited because of their height, but this model will be great for reaching roofs, ceilings, windows, and any other difficult areas.

Step by step extension also means they can be used in a variety of different heights as well, meaning you don’t just need to use them for reaching high spots – you will be able to reach any compact areas that normal ladders can’t with this handy feature.

To ensure they are safe to use, the ladder features non-slip rungs that are ergonomically designed to provide a more secure grip when in use. Likewise, security locks prevent any accidental retraction when you are on the ladder, while a maximum weight capacity of 150kg ensures it will be able to withstand almost any person.

The Stella DIY 2.6M is a no-nonsense telescopic ladder that will have many uses throughout the home. An extended height of 2.6m makes it great for many different DIY and home projects, namely decorating and other general maintenance.

The step by step extension provides a lot of control over the height of the ladder, allowing for various height settings to be used, which will certainly be useful in those tight spaces where you still need to reach a high spot.

A great aspect regarding the extension process is that it includes indicators that clearly show when the rung is properly secured – many cheaper models don’t include this feature, so it is great to find it here.

This also makes it easy to collapse, with the ladder able to quickly retract as needed, be it by one rung or the entire height of the ladder. When not in use, the ladder is incredibly compact and will not take up much in the way of storage space.

The Charles Bentley DIY 2.6m is a high-quality telescopic ladder that is perfect for home use. However, with EN13certification, you can certainly use it for any light trade work, making it very versatile indeed.

Made from quality aluminium, the ladders are very lightweight at just 7kg, making them simple to move around. That’s not to say they aren’t strong however, as they can withstand an impressive 150kg.

It features a total of eight runs, which can be locked at individual heights with step by step extension, allowing various heights to be achieved. This means it can be used for many functions, such as a loft ladder or a ladder for painting.

Storage is also very easy, with the model collapsing to a compact size, and when not in use a Velcro strap ensures it remains compact, which is certainly useful when being transported.

In terms of safety, there’s clear instructions for how to avoid accidental finger jams when extending the ladders and there is a clear clicking noise when locked, while curved rubber-coated feet ensures it remains stable when in use.

All in all, this is one of the best telescopic ladders to use at home, although many will certainly find it useful at work too. With a total height of 2.6m, this can be categorised as a small telescopic ladder, so it isn’t designed for getting on roofs, reaching high windows, gutters etc.


Always be sure to purchase a telescopic ladder that adheres to UK and European standards. Ladders with certification have been tested for performance and safety, making them the safest and most reliable on the market.

Class EN13are widely viewed as the most suitable option, as they are among the safest to use and are still versatile to be used in domestic and professional applications, while maintaining an affordable price.

Insurance providers also prefer ladders with this certification, so this is worth keeping in mind if you plan on using them for work.

Doug Mahoney

After spending over 30 hours comparing at least 3ladders and testing four, we’re recommending a stepladder for common tasks and an extension ladder for lofty heights, namely the 5.5-foot Gorilla GLF-5X Fiberglass Hybrid Ladder and the Werner D6228-2ft Type IA Fiberglass D-Rung Extension Ladder. Between the two, you should be able to safely fix every ceiling fan, change every floodlight, paint every wall, clean every gutter, wash every window, and even get up on your roof to do a quick chimney repair or to clear a few branches from a recent storm.

A solid ladder with add-ons

This well-built stepladder works with a number of buckets, trays, and hooks to hold tools and parts during projects.

If the Gorilla is unavailable, we also like the Werner FS10ft Type I Fiberglass Single Sided Stepladder. This traditional stepladder doesn’t have wide top steps but does offer a number of add-on accessories (available separately) that we found to be useful, including a utility bucket, a tool hook, and a paint cup.

If you’re an advanced DIYer, we recommend the Little Giant Select Step Model 5-The legs of this ladder can telescope out, transforming it into a 5-, 6-, 7-, or 8-foot stepladder. Since you can set those adjustable legs to uneven lengths, the Little Giant can stand on a flight of stairs or flush against a wall, both of which are unsafe positions for a traditional stepladder. It also has a platform step and an excellent tool tray that converts into a handhold. It costs too much for use on simple around-the-house tasks, but if you’re doing a lot of work on a home, the versatility and value of this ladder’s features justify the cost.

Who this is for

Ladders are available in a variety of lengths, and a ladder that will work perfectly for one person might not get the job done for someone else. For this guide, particularly on our extension-ladder recommendation, we concentrated on the ladder needs of a typical two-story home with eaves approximately 1to 20 feet off the ground. If that doesn’t describe your home, other ladders will work for you. It’s important to know how to choose a ladder so that you can select the best ladder for your needs.

How we picked and tested

For this guide, we looked at two styles of ladders: stepladders and extension ladders. Because of their lengths and features, these two styles complement each other. To actively maintain a home, it’s a good idea to own both.

Pull Quote

Put together, these two types of ladders offer you the ability to access the entire exterior of your house.

We did not do any comparative testing of our extension ladder pick, although we did get our hands on a Werner ladder to confirm the overall build quality (it’s excellent). We tested two stepladders: the Gorilla GLF-5X and the Werner FS10To evaluate these ladders, we used them for a number of common household tasks, such as storm-window adjustments, light bulb changing, window cleaning, and a few other odd projects (lubing up a barn-door roller and taking down part of a ceiling). In addition to those unstructured tests, we ascended and descended each ladder countless times and did plenty of “wobble testing” by standing at various steps and shifting our body weight around.

The top two steps of the Gorilla GLF-5X are much larger than the rest, which promotes easier balance and better stability.

Our extension ladder pick

The second telescoping ladder is the aluminum Xtend & Climb telescoping ladder- it is a 15.5-foot option that compactly retracts as well as extends and locks with a non-pinching closing system. It’s built from aluminum alloy and includes a carrying handle built into the ladder as well as a closure strap that helps bind it up tight.

It’s marketed towards professional contractors as well as do it yourself hobbyists, extending in 1-foot increments and folding up to a 36.5-inch height, so you can store it anywhere in your home, or even in the back of your truck.

Buyers say that it gets you about 1feet up into the air, saying that it’s not really safe to stand on the top rung. As well, the rungs are a foot and a half deep.

One buyer who works as a freelance commercial roofer told us that after several jobs the ladder had difficulty retracting and collapsing. Another home inspector told us that the rubber padding leaves marks on the wall and the feet have a tendency to slip.

The CSL Telescoping Ladder

The third telescoping ladder we examined is manufactured by CSL- it comes in three different lengths, a 10.5-foot, 12.5-foot and 16.5-foot option. It is marketed as a multi-purpose, lightweight ladder, easy to carry around and useful as a twin stepladder, scaffold base, stairway stepladder, attic ladder as well as a conventional telescoping ladder.

The manufacturers say that it’s a useful solution for getting access to a balcony or roof, whether you need to clean the gutters, wipe down some windows, perform indoor or outdoor decoration and painting- it’s useful for a variety of different tasks.

As well, because you can lengthen or shorten it to your needs, it’s often useful working on uneven services like stairs. One buyer was concerned that at full extension it over flexed, making it feel insecure.

Overall reviewers were relatively satisfied, saying that it is a space-saving option, with one buyers purchasing it as a gift for a relative who does a lot of exterior decorating of the home during the holiday season.

The Ollieroo Extending Ladder

The fourth telescoping extension ladder we examined is manufactured by Ollieroo- it ships in a 12.5-foot, 13.5-foot, and 16.5-foot lengths, with the last option being an A-type frame telescoping ladder.

The extension and locking functionality is activated by some buttons that the manufacturer says provide smooth and effortless extension and retraction. It’s marketed towards both professional use as well as residential use, useful for indoor and outdoor decorating purposes, paint jobs, building maintenance as well as window washing.

One buyer who purchased the 16.5-foot option said that he weighs over 200 pounds and found that it bent under his weight as he climbed it, but never broke.

Other buyers say that if you are especially heavy, you might want to go with a traditional extension ladder. Many reviewers describe employing them for their recreational vehicles- some saying they are useful for performing maintenance as well as functioning as fire escape safety options.

Another reviewer uses it primarily as an attic ladder- saying that to access his attic he needs to climb up from inside of the closet, so he purchased this compact option to store inside the closet and use whenever he needs to access his attic.

Other reviewers said to always check that each rung has clicked into place and is secure prior to climbing up.

The Xtend & Climb 770P Extending Ladder

The last option we examined was the Xtend & Climb 12.5-foot telescoping ladder. Some buyers caution that the thumb release is tricky, saying that it is difficult to push and consequently makes them fear that their fingers will be chopped off. Other buyers criticize its ease-of-use, saying that it’s not easy to extend and then re-position it.

Item Weight: 39.lbs

This ladder is one of the multipurpose types and comes with the best features that you need to consider if you are in search of the same. Therefore, you will find this product featuring the best and valuable features and still, you can find it at a competitive price that is friendly to the pocket. The length of the product is evident from the name and therefore, if you need the best product that will give you the convenience of height, then you should acquire this great option.

With every feature and details that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this great product, you have no option but to make a choice. Here, the features include the ease of carriage that is made possible by the lightweight design among other features. Of course, I cannot fail to mention the specifically designed feature that enhances and makes sure that the product does not slip when being used. This feature improves the safety of the ladder and thus making it more suitable for its function.

The number of steps

The number of steps that come with the ladder is of crucial significance and a great consideration to make. While some ladders come with few steps and spacing, some come with a good number and therefore, depending on what you would like to achieve with the same ladder, then you need to pick the one that comes with the right number of steps. You should also remember that in some instances, the height of the ladder is what determines the number of steps.

Ease of setup

Setting up the ladder can be a difficult task depending on the product that you choose. When you make the right choice and decision, setting up can become an easy task and therefore, you need to check on the ease of setup when selecting the best product on the market or when comparing the products that you have on the list.

Top Best Wireless Security Camera in 201Reviews

Telescoping ladders offer you the ability of being compact for storage and transportation, while being able to extend upwards to function as a ladder when needed. If you are the DIY type and you need a ladder, the telescoping ladder will be a great investment choice. You can use it for house and roof repairs, cleaning windows and fitting security equipments, e.t.c. The best part is its compactness, since it requires little room for storage and transportation. Following are the best telescoping ladders in 201You should hopefully find what you need from the list, but first a few points.

Different Ladders for Different Projects

Ladders are one of the most important things to have in your home, they can be used for several things such as home improvement projects that involve installing a chandelier or painting a ceiling, even something as simple as changing a light bulb may require the use of a ladder. However, there are several types of ladders on the market, and each one can be used for different things. You want to always ensure that you purchase the ladder that is most suitable for the job in which you need it for. Ladder buying guide will help you learn how to buy ladders as you required.

Step Ladders

The most well-known type of ladder is the step ladder. In fact, this ladder can be found in the majority of American households. It is used to reach heights between 7ft. to 20ft. depending on the height of the step ladder itself. A taller step ladder will reach a higher height than a smaller stepladder. For example, a three-foot step ladder will reach a height of seven feet, whereas a sixteen-foot step ladder will reach a height of twenty feet. Step ladders, unlike extension ladders, can support themselves which makes them the most common ladder choice for everyday household tasks.

Straight Ladders & Extension Ladders

These ladders are most commonly used for outdoor work, which can consist of anything from roof work to cutting down the tops of large trees or even performing electrical construction tasks. This ladder is used to reach heights between 15ft. to 37ft., once again depending on the height of the ladder itself. Straight ladders are not adjustable and come as one set size, meaning that they may only be able to be used for certain projects.


Ladders are mostly made of three types of materials, aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages and the material of the ladder used should definitely depend on the task that the ladder will be used for. Aluminum ladders tend to weigh less, making them easier to transport and carry. They also do not corrode which means they are an ideal ladder for homeowners who want to purchase one ladder to have for a few years. However, aluminum does conduct electricity so it would not be ideal for any electrical purpose or any electrical jobs.

Opposite of aluminum though, fiberglass ladders do not conduct electricity and would be the ideal ladder for any electrical related tasks. They are also very durable much like aluminum and will last for several years at a time, making them a very good buy. Wood ladders, like fiberglass, are also non-conductive but some do come with metal fasteners making them an unsafe choice for electrical work. They are very economical but not as good of a choice as aluminum or fiberglass ladders and they will not last as long either because they are easily damaged.

Xtend & Climb 785P Features & Specifications

In most of the reviews of the  Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, the ease in using this ladder is a favorite statement among most.  Reviews have stated that yes it is a little heavier than you might think, but that is a sure sign of the heavy duty quality and durable safety of this ladder.  This is what you want.

There are many contractors that have reviewed this telescoping adjustable ladder and one, in particular, said that his life as a home inspector just got easier than he ever expected.  He is able to carry this later from the back seat of his car to the house to then inspect the roof and then take it down, carry it inside and upstairs to check the attic and other areas of the home with ease.  He stated that before he started using this ladder he never thought that that aspect of his job would ever get any easier.  He stated that he is glad to say that he was wrong.  The contractor also stated that this is the only ladder he uses for multiple tasks at multiple heights at his home and he even bought two as gifts for friends.

The Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type II Home Series 12.5-Foot ladder is a force to be reckoned with as one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders.  This versatile full-size adjustable ladder has the ability to allow you access to endless height situations for projects but then has the capability to collapse down to be able to fit easily in the back seat of your car.  The quality and durability of this ladder provide you with stability that adds peace of mind while you are working.

The Xtend & Climb 770P  is made of Aerospace Engineered 606alloy and has a Clean-Touch anodized finish.  This ladder carries a 225-pound duty rating and can easily withstand the tasks it will be presented with around the house.   These ladders feature a no pinch design and the height can be adjusted rung by rung to the exact height for the project or use.  Whether you are looking to change a light bulb or gain access to a crawl space, the integrated carrying handle allows you to carry this telescopic ladder easily with the hassle or bulky awkwardness of a traditional ladder.

It ticks a lot of the boxes for painting contractors because it can be moved from indoors to outdoors quickly. It is compact, meaning you won’t bump into any of your client’s possessions on the way in or out. You can lean it against walls and doors, and outside, you can telescope it to reach the roof. They are usually rated to about 250 pounds and above – so it will hold you and your tool belt.

I’ve seen telescoping ladders used most effectively to access using attic spaces. No you don’t have to haul out the old step ladder when you want to climb up to the attic. You can make the ladder a permanent access point fixing it to the attic entrance, pulling it down when needed. They’re so easy to use and can be stowed away neatly and safely. So you can turn your attic into a safe, functional space. If you’re not fond of the industrial look, you can get very stylish telescoping ladders made especially for attics.

If you spend a lot of time on the water, telescopic ladders also come specially designed for boats. They can be used as a dock ladder as well as a swimming ladder. The ladder is simply bolted on to a horizontal platform, be it the boat itself or swimming deck like a pontoon, and is ready to use. Made of stainless steel, it won’t rust and the hand rails make it easy to board a boat.

When not in use the ladder can simply be retracted and the rails folded away. If you want to take your dog along for the ride, I’ve seen special doggie ladders too. The steps are covered in non-slip vinyl so there’s no danger of anyone going overboard.

Most RVs come with their own ladders, but they are fixed and can’t be moved around where you need them. This where the telescoping ladder’s portability and compact size come in handy. You can use it to access the RVs roof for maintenance and cleaning. Then you can take it inside so the little ones can climb up to their bunk beds.

Test each rung before you add your full weight.

Always maintain three points of contact: one foot or two hands; or two feet and one hand.

Don’t make sudden moves that could destabilize the ladder.

That old superstition about walking under ladders came about for a reason. Don’t set your ladder near exits or in the path of pedestrians or other traffic.

Folding ladders

The folding ladders can be of articulated design or traditional design. It is quite stable to land on a flat surface. They are made out of free standing and ‘A’ frame designs. Taller the ‘A’ frame design, wider will be its base and thus, it will be pretty much heavy and also inconvenient to carry it around the area. The hinges in such ladders are weak spots and they snap early.

On the other hand, articulated ladders are the new development and they are usually folding in nature. There are a number of articulated hinges which can easily bend at certain points. Such types of ladder make use of less space and in fact, they are more stable.

Straight ladders

The straight ladders usually need support. Ladders of length more than 1feet cause bit difficulty in moving with it around the place. Anyways, they are suitable to use in the tight places for the purpose of moving a level slightly above.

Extension ladders

These types of ladders are usually nested inside the similar size ladder, even though it is much wider at the bottom. One such type of extension ladder is a telescopic ladder. They can be easily extended maximum up to 400% for reaching much higher stories such as firefighting or in the case of rescue operations in the high rises and much more.

Budget considerations

The ladders are usually sold by the foot. Then obviously, the longer ladder will cost more. Of course, there is little difference between fiberglass ladder and aluminum ladder. Hence, a fiberglass is recommended. Extension ladders are costly, especially the telescopic ones when compared to other ladders.

Tips to choose a loft ladder

Purchasing a loft ladder provide access to extra storage space in your room in a much easier and safer way. The ladder which you buy depends on your personal needs, availability of space and how you are going to make use of it. The loft ladders range from the basic type of aluminum ladder to automatic electrical ladders as well as custom designed access ladders. A loft ladder can be used only if you are making use of the loft as a storage area.

Sliding loft ladders

These ladders usually don’t have a loft hatch provided, but it can come along with a kit which allows converting the existing hatch into a hinged one. Budgeted or cheap telescopic ladders are made out of lightweight aluminum and they are designed for minimum and lightweight usage.

Concertina loft ladder

They are considered as excellent space savers which virtually don’t require more storage space in the loft area. They have small landing requirements and moreover, they are available at affordable cost. Cheap quality and budgeted concertina ladders are really awful things since they need more engineering work.

Telescopic loft ladders

These ladders are the newest addition to the category of the sliding ladders. They have the same space saving technique as compared to concertina ladders. They are the perfect balance to reach greater heights and help to perform an optimum function. These ladders look perfectly fantastic and it can fit ridiculously in any tight places. Though most people prefer it for their price, but its simpler design makes it popular.

Multi-ladders for effective applications

It is a category of the telescopic ladder as well as a multi-ladder. It can be used as a step ladder or stair ladder and other such types of ladders to work at much greater heights. This ladder has a shipping weight of more than 4pounds. The base of the ladder has slip-resistant feet as well as a wide flared shape for a firm support. Smooth curved rails are used for comfortable climbing.

Extend & climb aluminum telescopic ladder

It is a newer model to the telescopic ladder. It doesn’t possess more features for its safety and convenience. For every extended foot, the ladder can be easily locked so that it can be easily adjusted to the required height. For safety purpose, there is a sort of closure system. All the rungs are safely locked in the rungs as the tab indicators and the end caps are designed to prevent from slipping.

Both multi-ladders and extend & climb are the best examples for the modern day telescopic ladder. Multi-ladders features a number of elements which makes it as one adaptive as well as innovative tool whereas extend & climb is a telescopic ladder which is built for easy portability and also for safety use in various conditions and applications. Both the ladders don’t sacrifice safety for versatility. Moreover, both are well designed for long term regular usage.

Maintenance of telescopic ladders

A good maintenance of telescopic ladders is necessary for its longevity and safety. So, prior to cleaning and maintaining it is advisable to go thoroughly through manufacturer’s instructions since each ladder differs from one another with the materials used for construction.

Most of the telescopic ladders are constructed using aluminum or has an aluminum finishing. These types of ladders need some basic care and also maintenance tips.


Most people often complaint that, they get back pain because of carrying lengthy and heavy ladders to the work area. Buying a telescopic ladder is the best solution to overcome this issue. It avoids possible injuries and muscle caused due to carrying heavy ladders. Since telescopic ladder is made out of lightweight material; there will be no issue in carrying it to the workplace.

Easy storage

Since telescopic ladders can be easily retracted into a compact size, it would not posses any storage issue. People who don’t get extra space for storing the ladders will just leave it in the outdoors. Leaving your ladders in the outdoors is not at all good as it can easily get damaged when exposed to cold and heat climatic conditions. If you have a garage or work shed, there is no need to worry about placing your ladder. All that you are supposed to do is just retract the ladder and can place it anywhere in the storage area.

Hence, a telescopic ladder is surely a smart solution to cater your needs. It is portable, lightweight, has the easy storage capability and moreover it is pretty much safe to use. Your money will not at all get wasted while you invest in buying a best telescopic ladder.


First, thoroughly inspect the area where you actually want to place the ladder. Check for obstacles in case if there are any while placing the ladder. Don’t install the ladder in an uneven surface area. Bear in mind that, people below the ladder and on the ladder should be safe enough while using it.

Proper installation

Make use of either a wall or a person to anchor the ladder base once you shift the ladder above your head. By putting pressure against the wall, you are actually forcing the opposite end to move your hands rung by rung. As such, the ladder will rest against the wall of your own choice.

Importance of using telescopic ladders

When it comes to the matter of working at height either in the workplace or around the house, ladders are the most important thing which helps the people to continue with their projects. They assist you starting from simple projects and even with more complicated projects as well. At times, it may not be possible to get access to the area using a regular and standard ladder. This is where telescopic ladder comes into existence and make the things easier.

Here are listed with various benefits of having a telescopic adjustable ladder which helps you in all your projects.

As mentioned above, there are a number of such situations which can make the work pretty much easier by getting access to a telescopic ladder. It doesn’t matter whether you use a telescopic ladder occasionally or as a part of your daily routine, but it has made the work of a number of people much easier.

WORHAN 5.Meter Double Telescopic Ladder 

This model has gained more popularly in the market; some of the user-friendly features of this ladder are attracting numbers of people. WORHAN 5.Meter Double Telescopic Ladder is the best alternative to the conventional ladder.

This telescopic ladder support many functions and applications. The unique design supports the user to fix the ladder at multiple heights flexibly. The ladder is compact eventually help in transporting and storage it has got the flexible folding feature. It is one of the great pieces of engineering; the user manual is excellent where no user finds difficult on installing and using procedures. Find the best deal and place your order.

The Original Articulating Ladder

You want safety. You want strength. And, of course, you want versatility. That’s why millions worldwide have chosen the original Little Giant Ladder System.

Now there’s a ladder as versatile and hard-working as you.

Little Giant Classic is a true professional-grade ladder, combining the strengths of traditional A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stepladders and even scaffolding, all in one convenient package.

The Little Giant Classic is designed to be safe, stable and secure. Since it’s adjustable, the Little Giant can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces. And, with the new patented triple-locking hinge, the Little Giant Ladder is sturdier than ever in the extended position.


The Little Giant Classic ladder is made of heavy-wall, 6005-Taluminum, the very same material used in aerospace construction. So it’s ultra-strong while remaining light and portable. In fact, the Little Giant Type 1A is government-rated to hold up to 300 pounds but has survived brutal stress testing of up to 1200 pounds with absolutely no structural failure.

Great ladder!

When I decided I wanted to paint the front stairwell in my two flat, I remembered seeing this ladder on an infomercial. My extension ladder would never fit the doorway and my step ladder wasn’t tall enough.

After reading the reviews, I went ahead with my purchase. GREAT decision. Not only did it fit around the winding stairwell in its compact form but extended to the ceiling so I can cut the corners with paint free handed. I was thinking of buying the scaffold but couldn’t afford another LGL to support the other end. I thought about buying the leveler but since I already started the job, I didn’t want to wait for delivery. Instead, the stairway is configured so that I could just lean the ladder against a rail (not the safest thing to do) to reach where I needed.


Ladders with True Telescoping Technology™ are the only ladders in the world that extend and lock by the foot to the user’s desired height. This not only provides maximum versatility, but achieves a higher level of safety.

Wooden ladder

The wooden ladder is a traditional ladder which is more affordable and decorated. Wooden ladders are using for the electrical task. It should not be used for paint. As paint can damage the ladder easily. It is very comfortable for use in a household task. You should clean it very easily. You should be careful of water and wet things. If the wooden ladder wets in water, it will damage very soon. So the wooden ladder should be kept in a dry place.

Aluminum Ladders

The ladder is more safety especially its D-shaped rungs. The D-shaped rungs serrated to cushion against slipping. The ladder is easily bearable one place to another. Aluminum ladder is so strong and long lasting ladder. But it is high cost. If you calculate the longevity and price cost of the ladder, you will see your benefit or not.

Steel Ladders

Steel ladders are strong than others ladder. It is most resistant to making them ideal for out and indoor. It is easy to transport. When you use the ladder for the electrical purpose, you should be careful. You should put extra plastic or rubber grip for make sure the safety from electricity. Water is very harmful to the steel ladder. Otherwise, it would be damaged.

Fiberglass Ladders

Fiberglass ladders are the most popular ladder in the world for durability and strength. The ladder is ideal for any electrical work. The price of the ladder is higher than a wooden ladder. The ladder is a heavy dutiable for the work. For the highest safety, it’s up to you to determine for justifying the cost.

Extension Ladder

An extension ladder is a multi-part ladder which has an extension part. It is very usable for projects for its height. The ladder can be extended more than 1feet. So anybody can reach easily in higher and higher place. Anybody choose this ladder for the usefulness. If you have a plan to work for the household, you should buy this ladder. The ladder is easily adjustable in ground and top surface.

Step Ladder

Step Ladder is comfortable and uncomplicated especially their A-frame design. The design of this ladder is a unique benefit on both sides especially a climbing and supportive side. The ladder is the most popular because of secure, sturdy and self-supportive for household tasks.

Telescoping Ladder

A telescoping ladder is using for industrial purpose and household activities. The telescoping is made by Aluminum. The ladder is easy to carry one place to another place. It is very useful for professional contractors.  It is a very stable ladder. So it is safe for you. It equipped with non-slip feet. It has the comfortable grip.

Step Stools Ladder

There are many contractors that have reviewed this telescoping adjustable ladder and one, in particular, said that his life as a home inspector just got easier than he ever expected.  He is able to carry this later from the back seat of his car to the house to then inspect the roof and then take it down, carry it inside and upstairs to check the attic and other areas of the home with ease.  He stated that before he started using this ladder he never thought that that aspect of his job would ever get any easier.  He stated that he is glad to say that he was wrong.  The contractor also stated that this is the only ladder he uses for multiple tasks at multiple heights at his home and he even bought two as gifts for friends.

Xtend and Climb Telescopic Ladder

Our dedicated team research web and read lots of real user review before creating our top list. You can also find the full text review in our website easily by visiting the link above. You will also find the buying guide for this particular products in our website.

The ladder height is important for two reasons.

Suitability versus ladder needs is found on the Werner height safety chart. Normally, as a step ladder user, you are advised to step two steps from the top rung for maximum stability. However, if you are using the extension ladder. It is recommended that your highest stepping level is four rungs away from the top rung.

Material Choice

Each material is unique to the intended applications. Though sometimes the selection is based on personal preferences, factors such as the environmental conditions, storage method, and exposure to chemicals or electricity play critical roles in selection.

Guaranteed Comfort

This ladder features a patent-set up platform which provides heel-to-toe feet support at the top of the suggested steps. The Air Deck workstation featuring handrails, on the other hand, makes stepping on the select step feel the same as standing on the actual ground.

Werner MT-1Telescoping Multi-Ladder

There are many reasons why Werner ladders are found everywhere. Apart from being suppliers of top quality products for over 60 years, Werner products are safe and adhere to the industrial safety and regulations.

Durable and Safe

Durability in this ladder is enhanced by the wide flared bottom, the non-marring feet steps and the double-riveted feet steps. The non-marring feet cushion against sleep resistance, the double-riveted steps provide lifetime durability whereas the wide-flared bottom provides extra support.

Climb in Comfort

This ladder opens easily. It is characterized with huge rungs which are ideal standing grounds. The heavy-duty construction offers maximum support to the materials and the users. Its rails are also sturdy to support the weight of the users to the maximum.

Super lightweight

This ladder is available in major lightweight models. The three models weigh approximately 14, 1and 9.lbs. These models are not only easy to maneuver but they can readily be transported from place to place. Their lightweight nature also makes them easy to store.

Apart from offering support, the tall handrail buffers stability and support. Serving the same purpose are hinge locks which firm the ladder to the ground. The ladder also features a convenient tool tray.

Full Foot Support





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the telescoping ladder by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your telescoping ladder wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of telescoping ladder



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